La Tricontinentale : qu’en reste-t-il 50 ans après ?

In the following interview Said Bouamama speaks on the importance of the “Tricontinentale” for the struggles of the Third World and not only, as the situation there has also deeply influenced the situation in Europe, the USA and the East-West rapport de forces.
Some people will say all this is a thing of the past, completely irrelevant to today’s events. It is true that instead of the revolutions, the nations of colonies and ex-colonies were expecting, we see today rather a huge world “counterrevolution”. But it is exactly the victory of the dominating forces and the situation the planet is now that makes, once more, relevant the ideas behind the movement against imperialism during the decades following the 2nd World War. Even people critical of these movements have to admit, as Tony Negri did once, “the fact that we were wrong, does not mean they are right”