Friday, 20 September , 2019


“Marx et le colonialisme”, par Rémy Herrera

26 septembre 2018 "Marx et le colonialisme", par Rémy Herrera from Les Films de l'An 2 on Vimeo.

Violence patronale, violence ouvrière (Jaurès et Clemenceau, 1906)

Juin 1906. Les premiers mois de cette année 1906 furent marqués par de nombreuses grèves. A la Chambre, mi- juin, plusieurs débats opposent le...

Steve Bannon’s Apocalyptic ‘Unravelling’

From the Archive: Ousted White House strategist Steve Bannon was a perplexing mix of populist, operative and opportunist, but his political theories crossed into...

US presidential elections – the meaning of a farce

But maybe more worrisome than all those, already very worrisome “objective” facts, is the level of discourse emitted by the two persons competing to become Presidents of the most powerful country of the world. They want to rule the superpower and the world. But you will hardly find in the insults they exchange any meaningful idea on what they will do with the formidable challenges in front of their country and the planet.

Rewriting History

By Branko Milanovic Living in a post-modern city like New York has many advantages but some disadvantages too. Among the latter is the absence of...

La Tricontinentale : qu’en reste-t-il 50 ans après ?

In the following interview Said Bouamama speaks on the importance of the "Tricontinentale" for the struggles of the Third World and not only, as...