Brexit – The beginning of Liberation from the Global oligarchical dictatorship

By Vladimir Krsljanin

The Movement for Serbia congratulates the people of Britain for the decision of the greatest importance for the world.

Downing of the global oligarchical dictatorship will not be an easy task, but now we can at least see clearly what we were feeling for quite some time – that it will certainly be downed.

A world of free people and free nations in equal cooperation will replace the world of banks and corporations, greed and selfishness, in which the oligarchy destroys human lives.

India, Pakistan and Iran are joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. On the initiative of Russia, together with China, a Greater Eurasia is starting to be built – better, bigger, more beautiful, powerful and human than the “Euro-Atlantic Integration”, that had never been a community of people, but a corporate oligarchical project, buried today by the people of Britain.

Serbia was among the first to suffer the worst consequences of the global oligarchical dictatorship.

For that reason, the Movement for Serbia demands the free will of our people to be respected – now! Meaning: abolition of all forms of dependence on EU and NATO and removal of all in the ruling clique who lie that the colonization of Serbia is in the interest of its people and approved by the people.

The people of Serbia must regain its freedom in its own referendum.

For Serbia – until victory!

Belgrade, 24 June 2016

Statement from Vladimir Krsljanin of the Movement For Serbia, anti NATO, anti-imperialist formation trying to struggle to throw off NATO regime imposed on Serbia by NATO. He was one time advisor to President Milosevic and former ambassador for foreign affairs for Yugoslavia