Israeli Far Right Attacks Haaretz

Liberman: Boycott Haaretz for Op-ed calling Israel’s religious right more dangerous than Hezbollah

Defense minister says ‘frustrated’ columnist Yossi Klein’s piece against national-religious community ‘crosses all the red lines’

By Alexander Fulbright


Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Thursday called on Israelis to stop reading the Haaretz daily newspaper, railing at the left-leaning newspaper for an opinion piece that called Israel’s national religious community more dangerous than the terror group Hezbollah.

“Haaretz already some time ago became a platform that gives broad expression to the viewpoints of Israel haters, but the publication of the piece by Yossi Klein, a frustrated and unimportant journalist who also failed as an editor, crosses all the red lines,” Liberman wrote on Facebook.

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