‘I’ll lose my eye’: Prominent Yellow Vest activist suffers HORRIFIC injury in Paris protests

26 Jan, 2019

A notable figure among the Yellow Vests, Jerome Rodrigues, has suffered a serious eye injury during protests in Paris. The moment when the man was struck by a projectile, likely grenade shrapnel, was caught on video.

The incident occurred at the Bastille Square in central Paris where chaotic scenes of confrontation between Yellow Vests and law enforcement unfolded on Saturday.

Rodrigues had been live streaming from the site when a riot control grenade exploded right before him. After the hit, presumably, by shrapnel from the device, the man collapsed on the pavement with onlookers rushing to help him.

Other footage from the scene, captured by Sputnik France correspondent, show him lying bloodied on the ground, with paramedics providing first aid.

The activist has sustained a serious eye injury and was rushed to hospital. He later posted a selfie from there with his right eye shut and horribly swollen.

“I’m going to lose my eye,” he said on Facebook. His family lawyer Philippe de Veulle later told BFMTV that Rodrigues was put into medically induced coma overnight.

The incident was swiftly acknowledged by police who said that the General Inspectorate of Police (aka police within the police) has been called to determine the “circumstances in which the injury occurred.”

Published at https://www.rt.com/news/449849-eye-injury-yellow-vests/