Greece elections finals: ND 39.85%, SYRIZA 31.53%, Golden Dawn out

July 8, 2019

By 99.84% of the votes counted, the results of the general elections on 7. July 2019 bring six political parties in the Greek Parliament with the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn to be definitely out. Two new parties enter the Parliament:

Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) of far-right Kyriakos Velopoulos

MeRA25 of anti-memorandum front Yanis Varoufakis

Analytically: Percentage – Seats distribution and in comparison to last elections in September 2015

Hadn’t it be for the 50-seats bonus for the winning party, the MPs distribution would look like that (right column.)

The 50-seat bonus will be abolished in the next general election when the simple proportional system will go into effect.

Voting by age group

interesting statistics by Singular Logic, the tech company processing the votes. Political parties voted by three age groups 17-34, 35-54 and 54+.

17-34: SYRIZA 36.8%, ND 30.6%, MeRA25 6%, KINAL/PASOK 5.7%, KKE 5.6%, GD 4.7%, GreekSolution 3.2%

35-54: ND 40.8%, SYRIZA 27.5%, KINAL/PASOK 7.3%, KKE & GreekSolution 4.4%, MeRA25 3.9%, GD 3.2%.

54+: ND 43.2%, SYRIZA 30.8%, KINAL/PASOK 10.4%, KKE 6%, GreekSolution 3.3%, GD 1.8%, MeRA25 1.7%

Elections notes

– The difference between the second (SYR) and the third party (KINAL) is striking: 23.43%

– From the 59 regions, 51 go to ND and 8 to SYR. Note that ND has also won in the regional and municipality elections in May 2019.

– Crete, the homeland of Mitsotakis voted for SYRIZA.

– Although voting is mandatory, 42.4% of Greeks stayed at home – or at least, they did not go to ballot boxes.

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– ND will form the first majority government after 2009 (PASOK/Papandreou) and the first post-bailout government.

– The leader of a small party wasn’t able to find even his own vote.

– First bailout Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou returned to Parliament, which will now have five former prime ministers.


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