Germany Buys Monsanto – and Sells the TTIP to Europe 

By Peter Koenig

Is it coincidence that Berlin approves and even recommends the ‘hostile’ takeover of Monsanto by the German agro-and pharma giant, Bayer? – Or is another occult strategic arrangement between Washington and its vassal-in-chief of the EU, Berlin, to push the nefarious, Europe-destructive TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) down the throat of the European population? Although the corrupt corporate western media are doing everything to keep the people at large as ignorant as possible, the truth is slowly seeping through. More than 90% of Germans object against Monsanto’s weed killer glyphosate (brand name ‘Roundup’) – which was recently declared by WHO, after multiple studies and re-studies, as carcinogenic. A large majority of Germans also oppose GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in food.

Under the secretly negotiated TTIP, corporations, such as Monsanto, would prevail over public opinion. The laws of the corporations which would bring along their own private court system, would be weighing in above the national courts of ‘sovereign’ EU members. In fact, any public protests in the streets could be violently oppressed by police and military forces – very legally, because a signed and approved TTIP could become the law of the land – hence to be enforced by martial law if necessary, against the will of the people.

This and other dictatorial reasons, always under the flag of protecting people from terrorism, is why French President Hollande is trying so hard to push a permanent Martial Law – or in the terms of disguise, a ‘State of Emergency’ – through the French Parliament. So far he has been able to extend it through July, until after the European Football championship – UEFA EURO 2016 – which is planned in June / July 2016 in France.

After another couple of airplane downings or false flag mass-killings instigated by the usual suspects, CIA, Mossad, the French internal and external secret police, DGSI and DGSE and others, Hollande and other European leaders (sic – because they are no leaders but corrupt puppets of Washington’s without backbone) will slide ‘State of Emergency’ type laws through their respective Parliaments like butter. What’s worse – is people will ask for such laws for fear.

Yes, the Fear Factor is still the dominant measure to manipulate public opinion and behavior. It has been for thousands of years the weapon of choice by dictators to dominate the masses. Hitler and Stalin even boasted about how they used Fear to get people march along in lockstep, straight into WWII and – into defeat by the Soviet Union. If anybody believes that today’s dictators, Obama, Cameron, Merkel and consortia are any different, they are ignorant.

Today’s lie propaganda is just much more sophisticated then hither-day, using more advanced communication technologies. Such methods of deception are actually taught at prominent Ivy League Universities of the United States of Chaos and Killing. And in case the soft-killer of presstitute propaganda should fail, there is always the killer of choice: Bombs, tanks and drones, the sledgehammer of last resort – NATO.

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Back to the Bayer-Monsanto alliance. Germany’s Bayer buying Monsanto for US$ 62 billion would not only be the largest agro-pharma takeover in history, but it might well be the most profitable and simultaneously the most destructive one for mankind. Now that WHO, the conservative and always politically ‘correct’ international health body has come out saying that Glyphosate is cancer-causing – which is what most of us knew and what many previous studies carried out by reputed research institutes in France, Germany and even the United States reported. . We also know, that genetically modified (GM) food crops have nefarious long-term health effects, including cancer.

Is it then surprising that the vast majority of Europeans do not want Glyphosate and GMOs legalized in Europe? If the TTIP is signed and sealed by the neoliberal EU vassal governments, these poisons against humanity will become legal, no matter what the people say. There is a lot of money involved – not billions but trillions. So the price to have Bayer purchase Monsanto – obviously under an agreement between Washington and Berlin – a mere US$ 62 billion – is but peanuts.

To defend her position, Germany may just apply the usual fearmongering about job-losses if this merger was to be stopped. Job-losses whether true or false, it works every time and in every country indoctrinated with neoliberal thinking. – Talking about job losses, where was Merkel when her Master in Washington imposed on her and the rest of Europe to impose sanctions on Russia which cost the German industry alone an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 jobs?

In fact, Russia may become the only country in Europe’s vicinity that is GMO and Monsanto / Bayer-poison free. President Putin recently said that after the “EU export-ban sanctions”, Russian agriculture quickly regained momentum to exceed self-sufficiency to the point that Russia could supply Europe with bio-food for those who want to avoid GMO-food. That’s an encouraging outlook; an outlook that should make clear to any progressive and sovereign European Government that the future lays in partnership with Russia, with the East – and no longer with the decaying fraudulent West.

Glyphosate and GMOs are key items of objection of the TTIP. If Germany owns Monsanto and its many patents harmful to humanity, the German Government will logically defend and promote their company’s products, i.e. Germany may become a driver for the TTIP. Germany, the Government, not the people. This looks like the fatal Washington-Berlin alliance with regard to ‘promoting’ Bayer to purchase Monsanto. Who knows what type of incentives Bayer was promised. We can only guess.

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There are no financial or economic reasons why Bayer should even consider buying out Monsanto. According to the Journal ASEED Europe (Action for Solidarity Environment Equality and Diversity) of 21 October 2013, Bayer is [already] one of the leading suppliers of pesticides and seeds. A current enquiry at the European Patent Office shows that in terms of the number of GMO patents Bayer actually comes first. Maize, wheat, rice, barley, soy, cotton, sugar beet, rapeseed, potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, grapes – the list of transgenic plants, on which Bayer ‘Cropscience’ owns patents, is long. The corporation has even taken out patents on genetically modified trees, for example poplars, pine trees and eucalyptus. This is the result of an enquiry by the Coalition against Bayer Dangers and No Patents on Seeds! at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, Germany. For this purpose, the initiatives scrutinized all patent applications submitted by Bayer over the last 20 years. According to the investigation the company owns 206 of the total number of 2,000 patents on transgenic plants issued in Europe. This puts Bayer in the number one spot – even before Pioneer (179), BASF (144), Syngenta (135) and Monsanto (119).”

The people are immaterial in the face of profits. Its profit over people – the steadfast motto of neoliberal thinking and neoliberal economics. If Germany goes for the TTIP, the rest of Europe will follow. So the thesis goes. So the evil empire wants it. This may be the thought of how to force the TTIP upon Europe. If this doesn’t work, there are always false flags, terror attacks that justify NATO and local Police interventions – total crackdowns, when people are in fear they have no energy left to fight against the oppressive trade agreement; they just want to be safe from the all and ever present western invented and western presented Jihadist terrorism.

Of one thing we may be sure, Washington will not let go of the TTIP and the TPP (Transpacific Partnership) agreements. They are part of the Masterplan to world hegemony; the same way as are ‘regime changes’ in countries with undesirable governments, with left-leaning leaders who cling to their countries’ sovereignty, like Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Bolivia, Ecuador – and let’s not forget the only ones left bringing hope to humanity: China and Russia. – It is – We, The People – the only might that can stop the monstrous corporate octopus led by Washington’s all-encompassing fraudulent financial and monetary weapon.

Under Washington’s plan, all these non-aligned countries must fall – ‘regime change’ by all means. The same plan also stubbornly is set for the despicable trade agreements, TTIP and the TPP, to be forcefully imposed on the European and Asian partners’ populations. The members of these 40 partners, including the US, account for about 40% of world GDP, measured by purchasing power parity (ppp). However, the commercial interchanges foreseen under the European and Asian treaties would all be in favor of the hegemon and enslaving the partners. Obama’s legacy may depend on these agreements.

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Europeans and Asians, please do not forget to remember what happened to Mexico under Clinton’s NAFTA, followed by the Central American Free Tarde Agreement – CAFTA-DR (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic) – a complete economic disaster for the farmers and peasants of these Latin American countries. For tens of thousands of them NAFTA and CAFTA were and still are outright condemnations into poverty.

Although people have little or nothing to say in the decision for or against the TTIP, it is encouraging to learn what The Guardian reports: ‘Despite the Obama administration’s concerted push to finish both TTIP and its Asian counterpart, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), before the presidential election in November, support for trade deals are plummeting in the US: a recent poll showed that only 18% of the public support TTIP, compared to 53% in 2014.’ – Will the US Congress pay attention to people’s opinion when they vote for or against the TPP and eventually the TTIP?

The silver lining of this dark cloud overhanging Europe is that people are waking up in the US. A similar picture may confront Germany’s push for Bayer’s ‘unfriendly’ takeover of Monsanto – the corporate killer by food poisoning. We, The People must wake up to understand, that unless we act – and act fast – we may lose the tremendous power we have against the small elite. With a concerted effort and spirit we can defeat the monster.

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Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, Chinese 4th Media, TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance