Tuesday, 7 July , 2020


Putin Reasserts Non-GMO Stance; Adds Western Vaccines and Fast Foods

by PAUL FASSA Most of you know that Russian President Putin has Russia saying “nyet” to GMOs and asserting their national focus on being the...

Monsanto challenges Indian court’s decision that undermines its GMO cotton monopoly

5 May, 2018 Agro-biotechnology giant Monsanto has appealed Delhi High Court’s ruling which, based on national laws, prevents the world’s largest GMO seed producer from...

Fabricated Reality: Lobbying for GMO Agriculture in India

by Colin Todhunter February 12, 2018 Richard John Roberts is a prominent biochemist and molecular biologist. On his recent visits to India, he has talked about...

Pesticide Suicide | by Robert Hunziker

December 18, 2017 Pesticide suicide refers to toxic chemicals mucking up the health of animals, plants and insects. This worldwide causatum may be totally out...

All signs point to a corporate takeover of the marijuana industry...

Scott’s Miracle-Gro has looked to capitalize on the expanding pot industry in states where the plant has been legalized or decriminalized. The company’s CEO, Jim Hagadorn, stated his intentions to spend up to $500 million to completely buy out the marijuana industry.

TTIP: conquest by stealth or plunder, American style

WHEN a pickpocket has designs on your wallet, he devises some clever way to distract your attention. A prime example of this is the Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) recently signed in Brussels and now presumably to be referred to all EU countries for a ratification that is assumed to be virtually automatic. What harm can there be in a trade agreement with good

World’s Largest Ever Study On Gmo And Pesticide Safety

Farmers, retailers, governments, scientists and consumers have been involved in a heated international debate since GM foods were introduced in 1994. However, there has never been a scientific study that is comprehensive enough to give them a clear answer regarding the safety for human health of any one GM food – until now.

Ecologists, Please Delink from the bipolar Climate Change Racket!

As a decades long, left leaning, KPFA listening and sponsoring, commuter bike riding, composting, plastic avoiding, bring your own cloth grocery bag environmental activist, I am seeing too much hypocrisy and closed minded smugness, and a lack of critical thinking on the part of those who I have always thought of as my people. I have come to the conclusion that those with liberal roots like me, have been sent on a fools’

How the TTIP Could Make Ethical Meat Harder to Find

TTIP provisions would increase large corporations’ ability to control market standards, including those for meat, explains Shefali. This is in part because the trade agreement negotiations are closed to many, including U.S. Congressional representatives as well as lawmakers working at the state level.

GMOs: Fall of An Empire

The GMO model is gradually declining, or at least, we are witnessing the firsts signs of its declination. This was certified by a report of an NGO called the “International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications”(ISAAA), despite the fact that this organization is in favor of biotechnology.