From Moscow to Damascus: The art of provocation

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Some days ago we had a serious terrorist attack in Moscow. We have already addressed this attack and the false narratives regarding ISIS-Horasan elsewhere.

Of course we cannot present police – like proofs, still the attack on Moscow bears all the characteristics of the provocations with which the “Party of War”, a “Black International” within the “collective West”, is continuously trying to escalate the conflicts either with Russia or in the Middle East, sometimes with, sometimes without the consent of the mainstream western political establishment (Maidan, bombing of Syria twice under Trump, Soleimani’s assassination, sending a British destroyer near Crimea during the See Breeze exercises in 2021, attacks on Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station, blowing up of the NordStream pipeline, assassination of the Russian journalist Daria Dugina, among many others). It should be noted that not long before the terrorist attack in Moscow, Victoria Nuland “promised” President Putin some nasty surprises! And perhaps the Priestess of Darkness would have had even bigger ones if President Biden had not decided to fire her, possibly because she was conspiring with German government officials for actions that did not have the approval of President Biden and Chancellor Scholz.

The main objective of those who organised the terrorist operation in Moscow was, according to all existing indications, to provoke an escalation of the conflict in and around Ukraine. This escalation is sought by those who cannot in any way accept a now quite probable Western defeat or compromise in Ukraine and are prepared to risk even a nuclear war in order to avoid it. (Another minor, but not insignificant, aspect of the terrorist attack in Moscow was that it momentarily distracted attention from Gaza. A similar situation also arose in Israel’s previous operation in Gaza in 2021. While the world’s spotlight was on the massacre of Palestinians, a bizarre hijacking of a plane which landed in Belarus changed the international agenda).

Challenging Iran

Hardly a week has passed since the Moscow provocation and now we have a second provocation on what is the second front of the West’s conflict with the … rest of the world. This time the provocation was organised by Israel, a state which is, along with its lobbies, a prominent, central and particularly belligerent member of the western “Party of War”. I mean the attack on Iran’s diplomatic mission in Damascus and the assassination of a number of leading military officers of Iran’s ‘Revolutionary Guards’. This action is obviously intended to provoke retaliation by Iran and finally the involvement of the Americans in a war with Tehran. The attack came after a series of other Israeli attacks in Syria and Lebanon and in parallel with the killing of seven foreign associates of one of the last humanitarian aid distribution organisations operating in Gaza, an American one.

Normally, diplomatic missions have immunity and are not subject to military attacks. The only exception was when some decades ago NATO bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. But of course no law of war or peace binds the totalitarian-inspired present leadership of Israel, the only state in the world that has broken all the laws of both war and peace and which, usually, does not even feel the need to justify what it does!

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We recall that for months now, US diplomats have been warning with constant leaks to the media that President Biden’s policy of unconditional support for Israel may facilitate an escalation of the war towards Lebanon and its generalization throughout the Middle Eas. Those diplomats even consider that for Netanyahu such an escalation is a “political survival” option.

Israel refuses to lose!

If it is very difficult for the Wes to accept a possible defeat in Ukraine. It is even more difficult, quasi impossible for Israel to accept a defeat in this battle between its overwhelming material power and the power of the human soul, this eternally repeated motive of human History since ancient times.

And it is really astonishing and deeply disturbing the fact that the leaders of a people with a so rich and tragic history and such a contribution to modern culture seem completely unable to diagnose correctly the ultimate results of their own policies, somehow trapped in their own myths and their oscillation between the role of the victim and the offender.

For the Israeli leadership to stop now the massacre in Gaza will be considered a defeat by its own criteria because it has failed so far to exterminate Hamas, which according to all indications we have has now more support that before October in both Gaza and the western Bank, as the Palestinian people seems to be now to be in a situation of “Freedom or Death” (Trotsky, in his History of the Russian Revolution, notes that a revolution wins not by having more arms than its adversary but when the people following it is ready to die for its ideas). Israel has also failed to displace the Palestinians and annex Gaza, as its leaders and officials went on record, from time to time, to state as their goal. It has not achieved any of the goals it has put to itself while suffering a very grave political defeat, squandering all the enormous political and moral capital the Jewish state was possessing until recently because of the Holocauste.

As Israel’s leadership rejects any idea of stopping its criminal operation in Gaza, the only way ahead is the continuation and acceleration of the genocide with two possible outcomes: 1. Egypt and other states to accept the Palestinian population on their territory, which does not seem probable, 2. To exterminate the Palestinians. Most capitals and analysts do not believe in such a possibility, but they don’t believe not because there is a reason not to believe into it but because if they do believe then they will need to confront it, since it would present them with the dilemma of breaking their dependence on Israel, or following it into the abyss. This is Biden’s dilemma now and he does not want to aknowlege and face it, he makes everything possible to avoid it.

Israel’s choice is clear, judging from the attack on an American organisation distributing aid to the starving population of Gaza, one of the last to remain in the area, but also from the fact that its forces abandoned the Al-Sifa hospital with piles of bodies inside.

It is evident that the aim is to wipe out the Palestinian population if they choose not to leave. British experts estimate that by the end of the year around half a million Palestinians will have died, not only from the bombing, but also from lack of food, water, medical care and unhealthy hygiene conditions, and it is possible that there could even be more than half a million victims in the end.

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Dante’s Inferno

If you can bear to get an idea of the real situation in Gaza you may scroll through the photos of the children published by the British Daily Mail. State Department officials resign citing genocide by Israel made possible by the US. A report by the Swiss Euro-Med Monitor highlights that Israel has stepped up genocidal actions after the International Court of Justice ruling asking it to stop them. Israel is committing the crime of genocide, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories also underlined.

This is to get a vague idea of the situation on the ground. If we wanted to list the major war crimes committed by Israeli forces we would have to write a book every week. It should be noted that only a very small percentage of all those crimes are reported by western news outlets. But even news organisations outside the West underreport what is happening now in Palestine, because if they would report them correctly their own citizens would ask their governments to do much more to stop such a genocide. By the way our media situation betray quite accurately the extent of control Israel and its various lobbies are exercising on our states and societies

A second Nakba and the “hidden” power of Israel

This is in fact the second ruthless displacement, using every criminal means, even the most perverse, of the Palestinian people since the 1948 “Nakba” (Catastrophe) that accompanied the creation of the state of Israel in a territory where Jews were a minority. But unlike the first Nakba, this one it is conducted before the televisions and world public opinion for six months already and, apart from destroying the political and moral capital of Israel itself, it also destroys the political and moral capital of the “collective West” since, with few bright examples of dignity (such as that of Ireland), it supports Israel.

The Jewish state through its various powerful lobbies and its privileged relations with global finance capital (the “Empire of Money”) has a decisive influence on the politics of the whole West and beyond. The theory that Israel is a mere instrument, a “client state” of US imperialism lacks solid footing, it is an operation to cover up the real mechanisms governing world politics and economics. All the more so when we find empirically that American imperialism often tends to be subordinated to the pursuits of Israeli imperialism. It was Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who defeated the President of the superpower Obama by cancelling his agreement with Iran, not the other way around. Netanyahu was the main leader and financier of the neoconservatives since the 1990s and the formulator of the strategy of perpetual war and regime change interventions that we saw throughout the Middle East after 2001, following the ideas of Oded Yinon.

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Why Israel needs an escalation of the conflict

Because of the increasingly important political issues raised by the continuation of the genocide, it would be desirable for the Israeli leadership to have a general conflict that would envelop the whole region and create a situation where few would pay attention to what is happening in Palestine.

Besides, a regime change in Iran and its allies (Syria, Yemen) and the destruction of the movements allied with it like Hezbollah and some militias based in Iraq, has been the great dream of Netanyahu for twenty years. And the Israeli PM needs to carry this project to the end to involve the United States in his plan.

The Americans, especially the Army and the CIA (the only US institutions not under the control of the Empire of Money, which are moreover aware of what wars mean), are also aware of the methods of the Israeli Prime Minister and that such a general conflict will in all probability be impossible to control and is likely also to develop into a nuclear one. That is why Washington apparently does not want such a conflict. But as the attack on Syria has shown, Israel has not given up the pursuit of such a war and, as long as the conflict in Gaza does not stop, the chances of a wider conflict eventually breaking out in the Middle East are not negligible, just as the chances of a nuclear conflict are not negligible as long as the West refuses to accept that it can neither defeat Russia nor overthrow its regime.

And we must not forget how many and important friends Israel has in Washington.

It is extremely sad and extremely dangerous that Europe today is run by utterly pathetic leaderships, puppets of finance capital and NATO, with a few bright exceptions taking a stand against both the war in Ukraine and the genocide in Gaza, such as the new party of the German Left under Sahra Wagenknecht, Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s France Untouchable, the main party of the French Left and some other rather minor forces.

Faced not only with the war that is being waged, but also with the danger of a much greater one that may be coming, we need more than ever before a major anti-war movement throughout the West. Its timely creation is of strategic importance for the outcome of the present extremely dangerous situation.

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