Ireland: Stop the carnage in Palestine

Mar 19, 2024

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar highlighted the plight of Palestinians in Gaza during the Saint Patrick’s Day shamrock ceremony at the White House on Monday alongside US President Joe Biden. Varadkar explained that the Irish people support Palestinians as they see many similarities between the hardships Palestinians face and what the Irish went through. He praised Biden and his administration for their efforts to work towards a ceasefire but emphasised that the bombing of Gaza needs to stop.

Dublin woman raises thousands thanks to Paint for Palestine charity event

Mar 19, 2024

A Dublin woman has raised thousands to aid relief efforts in Gaza after hosting a Paint for Palestine event over the bank holiday weekend.

Ellen Troy, from Castleknock, has spent most of her life in the area since meeting her husband at university in Edinburgh.

The event, which took place in the community parish centre, raised just under €5,500 for humanitarian aid relief efforts for the Palestinian people.

Ms Troy, who is running for local elections for Aontú, decided to use her passion for painting to raise funds and express solidarity for those in Gaza.

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Mar 15, 2024

During her speech at the EU Parliament, Irish politician Clare Daly accused US President Biden of consciously and unconditionally supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza, referring to it as genocide. She criticized Biden, stating that his heart is not in the right place but in the darkest possible place. Daly expressed disapproval of Irish politicians who support Biden, stating that they do not represent the views of the Irish people. Instead, she affirmed that the Irish stand in solidarity with Palestine

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