Four big fires still burning in Greece; locals desperate (videos)

August 25, 2023

Four big fires are still burning in Greece on Friday, August 25, 2023. Despite the firefighters efforts, the flames in Mt Parnitha, Viotia, Evros and Rodopi keep doing their destruction work. Locals are desperate about the loss of their homes and the absence of state support.

Amidst these challenges, communities could benefit from the services of a dedicated firewatch services. Such companies specialize in vigilant monitoring and early detection of fire hazards, providing an additional layer of protection to complement the efforts of the firefighting teams.

By collaborating with a firewatch company, communities can establish proactive measures to safeguard against the recurrence of such catastrophic events. This collaborative approach not only enhances the resilience of the affected areas but also contributes to the broader goal of creating fire-safe environments that prioritize the well-being of residents and the preservation of their homes.

The picture of the fires in Mount Parnitha in north-western Athens has improved significantly on Friday, as the wind has abated, facilitating the extinguishing efforts of the firefighters.

Fire extinguishing efforts are focusing on Friday on a small active front southwest of Fyli area.

260 firefighters with 13 teams on foot, 77 vehicles continue to operate, assisted by 8 aircraft and 5 helicopters. The danger of rekindling remains high, as the winds have not abated significantly.

The fire in the area has burned down dozens of houses and vehicles, agricultural and forest land and has harmed an unknown number of farming animals, pets and wildlife.

Φωτιές: Χωρίς μεγάλο ενεργό μέτωπο στην Πάρνηθα- Μεγάλο πρόβλημα στη Δαδιά

Residents are in desperate situation as they saw their homes burned to ashes.

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The fire front in Partnithta is one of the four big wildfires still active in the country, that is in Evros, Rodopi and Viotia.

Video from Mt Parnitha by Fire Service helicopter

According to the Fire Department, the fires in Viotia presents a better picture on Friday, while there are scattered outbreaks in Yliki lake, Stiri and Lazareika, which, however, seem to be manageable.

For the time being, the risk of fire extension to the ridge of Helikon or to Livadia has been averted, but the fear remains in case the direction of the winds changes and strengthens.

H κατάσταση στην Δαδιά παραμένει κρίσιμη!

In Evros and Rhodopi everyone’s hope is that it will rain, as today’s forecast predicts mainly in the mountains and more in the west and north. In Kavala, the rainfall during the night significantly reduced the fires of the Nestos municipality, but the fire brigades continue to face flare-ups.

The fire is raging for the seventh day uncontrollable in the forest of Dadia, and has reached large proportions.

There are rekindling also near Aisimi and Soufli.

Αυξάνεται ο αριθμός των νεκρών.

The fiery blaze has reduced 1/3 of the prefecture’s forest lands to ashes, which fundamentally changes the living conditions of people and livestock.

For its part, the government is trying to hide its complete failure with old and new excuses, after announcing a review of the way to deal with forest fires, indirectly admitting the weakness of the “staff state.”

The Minister Civil of Climate Crisis, Vassilis Kikilias, threatened “lowlife arsonists” who endanger lives, forests and property.

Properties loss angers locals

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In the meantime, the fire victims, exhausted and angry, are waiting for the inspections by authorities to be completed in the next few days and for the procedures for the crumbs of compensation to be carried out.

“In an hours I saw my home burned down, what shall I do now, where will I go?” a desperate man in his 70’s told media.

Many people in the areas at the foot of Mount Parnitha, in the villages of Alexandroupoli and Rodopi lost their lifetime assets and were left on the streets, daily reported.

A resident of Agios Ioannis Menidi was describing with tears in his eyes what his house was like, before it burned down. He was showing the spaces, showing the spaces, that were once rooms. “When it caught fire, I say I can’t save anything,” noting that he is looking for one of his dogs, which is in one of the shelters. The family has been separated and is staying with relatives.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones. Houses and cars have been completely burnt, most of them in the settlement of Agia Paraskevi.

“The first day the fire broke out and again in the morning they came to tell us to evacuate. We didn’t. We saved as many houses as we could. We left only when we could see nothing of the black smoke.”

“Several Fire Department vehicles arrived, but we didn’t have the aerial means from the beginning,” he told For him, “evacuations” as was done in Varybompi and Evia in 2021 is a mistake, since then no one takes responsibility for the damaged properties.

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A very high risk of fire (risk category 4) has been predicted today, Friday, August 25, according to the Fire Risk Prediction Map issued by the general secretariat of Civil Protection.

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