Forged by revolution: a day in the life of Russia – in pictures

On 7 November 1917, the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia. Exactly 100 years on, the Moscow Times asked its readers to take a photograph of their day – to create a snapshot of the country a century after that earth-shattering event.See the full gallery here

Moscow, Tverskaya Street
‘At an impromptu Communist march on Moscow’s central Tverskaya Street, youngsters hold up pop-art signs featuring Che Guevara, Lenin, Stalin and Karl Marx. “Your photo could be here”, the sign reads.’
Photograph: Sandro Fernandes/The Moscow Times
Moscow, Aeroport metro station
‘From morning to night, these Moscow metro ladies sit behind the window selling tickets. Infamously unsmiling, they’re an integral part of Moscow life.’
Photograph: Evan Gershkovich/The Moscow Times
Samara, Kuibyshev Square
‘On 7 November, Samara didn’t celebrate the centenary of the revolution. Instead, the city marked the date with a military parade to honour the 1941 military parade from which people went straight to the front lines. Sometimes it seems as if today the parades are pure propaganda, but when you’re there, you feel something real.’
Photograph: Svetlana Makoveeva/The Moscow Times