Far-right extremists in Wales stage online meeting with US hate group

Jan. 8, 2021

Far-Right extremists in Wales staged an online meeting with US fascist group the Proud Boys, one of the groups behind Wednesday’s invasion of Congress in Washington DC.

The Voice of Wales is reported to have targeted refugees in Pembrokeshire village Penally, calling for them to be gassed.

They have also mocked Swansea City Football Club players for “taking the knee” in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Wales Stand Up to Racism campaigners said: “Voice of Wales should be opposed by all who detest racism and fascism.

“The group shames Wales by bringing its nazi associations here; it will surely be overwhelmingly rejected for being anything but the true voice of Wales.

“[Members of the] Proud Boys are Nazis, who want to repeat the Holocaust. Boris Johnson’s friend, Donald Trump, has given them a massive boost.

“It’s up to all anti-racists to ensure that their British counterparts, such as Voice of Wales, get no toe-hold here.”

Published at morningstaronline.co.uk