Trump and His Followers To Hold ‘Wild Rally’ in Washington

Residents and authorities fear a wave of violence promoted by the “Proud Boys” and other far-right groups.

4 January 2021
hoto: Twitter/ @photowkb

U.S. President Donald Trump’s supporters are planning a massive rally and march in Washington D.C. on Tuesday and Wednesday to protest Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 election.

On Sunday, Trump assured he will join the rally as concerns about violence rise among residents and authorities.

“I will be there, and it will be wild,” Trump tweeted as he informed that the rally will take place at 11h00 local time on January 6.

With the slogan ‘Stop The Steal’, the President, who has fought and lost in court his claims of alleged election fraud, called on his supporters to be part of this “Historic day!”

The event will coincide with the Congress meeting for the formal and final tally of the Electoral College votes, which give Democrat Joe Biden victory.

The “March for Trump” group called on U.S. citizens to “prevent widespread election fraud,” although there is no evidence that such a thing occurred.

District of Columbia’s Attorney General Karl Racine warned of a wave of violence from Trump supporters.

“My level of anxiety is high,” Racine said, recalling that the white supremacist “Proud Boys” could return to D.C. to damage historic Black institutions in the city as they did in mid-December 2020.

“Trump has given breath, fresh air, and encouragement to hate groups. Hate is up dramatically since the President came into office,” Racine added.

Proud Boys pledged to attend the rally and mobilize caravans with stops in several cities across the country on their way to Washington. Although demonstrators are banned from carrying firearms, authorities fear they could bring weapons to attack the crowd.

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