Grassroots Black Left slam Johnson’s election win

THE general-election victory for “bigoted liar” Boris Johnson was a win for the far-right, xenophobic Brexit Party which the Conservative Party “has become,” Grassroots Black Left (GBL) has warned.

The group’s co-chairs, councillor Hassan Ahmed and Deborah Hobson, said the PM has “ensured his ‘dog-whistle’ racism against black people, Muslims and migrants has become mainstream.”

In a statement, Mr Ahmed and Ms Hobson applauded the Labour Party for its “progressive manifesto” and commended party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s lifelong anti-imperialism and anti-racism.

“But the Corbyn project failed the working class — black and white — on Brexit,” the statement said.

“And it failed them by lamentably refusing to robustly rebut the establishment lies about the fake news fuelled Labour ‘anti-semitism crisis’ and to expose at every opportunity the rampant anti-black racism and islamophobia of Johnson and his newly-moulded white supremacist, populist Conservative Party.

“There is anti-semitism in society, as there is anti-black racism and Islamophobia. All such forms of hatred must be ruthlessly combatted whenever they rear their ugly heads.”

Mr Ahmed and Ms Hobson warned that there should be no hierarchy of discrimination as they said was seen with the “cynical weaponising of anti-semitism aimed at destroying Corbyn and the Labour Party.”

They said: “The genuine fight against anti-semitism and the co-operation between Jewish people and black people necessary to defeat it has been damaged by the Labour leadership’s failure to expose the smears and fight off the bullies.”

GBL called on the Labour left to fight back against the “well-orchestrated right-wing onslaught” against the party

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