Europeans and the energy and food bills

Bulgarians consider high prices as more dangerous than the Ukraine war

Sep 22, 2022
Bulgarians believe the excessive increase in prices is a more tangible danger than the escalation of the war in Ukraine, according to a Gallup International Poll released on Tuesday.
Some 87.9% of respondents answered there is a real danger of excessive price increases in Bulgaria. The second fear (78.3%) is that there is not enough gas, while 77.9% believe there is a real danger the country will fall into permanent political instability. Then follows the answers “there will be a new wave of migrants” with 72.3%, and “there will be a shortage of electricity” with 69.4%.
A total of 56.3% believe there is a danger that the war in Ukraine will deepen. The question was asked before the latest intensification of the conflict.
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Protests erupt across Austria demanding solution to cost of living crisis

Sep 19, 2022
On Saturday, September 17, trade unions and other working class sections hit the streets across Austria protesting the government’s inefficiency in tackling the ongoing cost of living crisis. The protests called by the Austrian Trade Union Federation (OGB) saw the participation of various groups including the Party of Labor of Austria (PdA), Youth Front, Communist Youth of Austria (KJO), Communist Party of Austria (KPO), and Links, among others. Marches were held in cities in all federal States including Vienna, Eisenstadt, Bruck an der Mur, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bregenz, Lower Austria, and Upper Austria. According to the organizers, over 30,000 people participated in the protests, with 20,000 people having marched in Vienna alone. The protesters called on the politicians to take concrete actions to tackle the current crisis.
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Brussels, Scene of Mass Demonstration on Cost-of-Living Crisis

Sep 21, 2022
On Wednesday, the Belgian capital was the scene of a massive rally of over 10 000 demonstrators who took to the streets to protest the price hikes.
The Belgian trade unions, organizers of the demonstration, appealed to national politicians, putting the onus on them to alleviate the financial crisis, ensure wage increases and reduce energy prices.
According to the unions, the country has experienced an overwhelming increase in energy bill prices. They claim that the average household energy bill has tripled, exceeding 700 euros.
The President of the Belgian General Federation of Labor, Thierry Bodson, said, “It’s not that we don’t want to pay, but that we can’t pay.” Although most Belgians have made every effort to reduce energy consumption, there are no positive outcomes, Bodson said.
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