Thursday, 23 November , 2017


Tsipras in Catalonia

Catalonia crisis: deposed leader Puigdemont says he'll respect elections In latest twist to independence drama, Carles Puigdemont tells press conference in Brussels he will return...

Puigdemont, Catalan ministers turn up in Brussels as Madrid sues them...

Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has appeared in Brussels alongside other members of his cabinet as the Spanish Attorney General Jose Manuel Maza filed...

Les risques de la prolifération étatique, par Pascal Boniface

Pascal Boniface (@PascalBoniface), directeur de l’IRIS (, revient sur les référendums autour de l’autonomie du kurdistan irakien et de l’indépendance de la Catalogne.

The President of Belgian Magistrates: Neoliberalism is a form of Fascism

Neoliberalism is a species of fascism By Manuela Cadelli, President of the Magistrates’ Union of Belgium  The time for rhetorical reservations is over. Things have...

1950-1990 Le scandale des armées secrètes de l’OTAN (Gladio)

Il s’agit en fait plus précisément des cellules stay-behind (littéralement : restés derrière), qui étaient des réseaux clandestins coordonnés par l’OTAN. Implantées dans seize pays d’Europe de l’Ouest, ces cellules visaient à combattre une éventuelle occupation par le bloc de l’Est, se tenant prêtes à être activées en cas d’invasion par les forces du Pacte de Varsovie. La plus

Tsipras in Wallonia. Is anybody to defend European citizens?

There was a huge amount of EU tub-thumping yesterday (30 October), as the EU and Canadian summit happened in a very rushed manner and the CETA* deal was signed by Justin Trudeau and Jean-Claude Juncker. The media have presented the signing as the end of the journey for CETA saying that it’s time for everyone to accept this trade deal as finalised.

UN Expert Warns EU, Canada Against Signing CETA Deal Without Referendums

"The corporate-driven agenda gravely endangers labour, health and other social legislation, and there is no justification to fast-track it … Civil society should demand referendums on the approval of CETA or any other such mega-treaty that has been negotiated behind closed doors," Alfred de Zayas, the UN Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and

Soutien à la Wallonie contre le CETA + scandale en préparation

Le chef de file des libéraux et démocrates au Parlement européen, Guy Verhofstadt (Open VLD/ADLE), a estimé mardi que le Conseil commerce du 11 novembre prochain pourrait revenir sur la proposition de la Commission européenne de faire du CETA un ’accord non-mixte’, pour le considérer comme relevant de la compétence exclusive de l’UE.

Stay strong, Wallonia! Bleib stark, Wallonien! Tiens bon, Wallonie!

We support Wallonia and its prime minister Paul Magnette for courageously standing up against CETA. We ask you to stop bullying Wallonia and the Brussels region for their democratic decision to oppose CETA. The EU-Canada trade deal must be completely renegotiated to remove any special rights for corporations -- at the minimum.

Germany as crisis-exporter, Wallonia and EU

Late on Friday, Canada’s trade minister – the former FT journalist Chrystia Freeland – declared that the trade agreement with the EU (the so-called Ceta) had failed. She’d been commuting between Brussels and Namur, the seat of Wallonia’s regional parliament, for a few days, trying to get the region’s left-wing government to support the trade deal. But her efforts, and those by others, were in vain. Wallonia didn’t budge. All the EU leaders that were in Brussels to seal the deal ahead of Justin Trudeau’s visit on Thursday, had to return back home empty-handed.