Dozens of Turkish soldiers invade and occupy small patch of Greek land, install their flag and set up camp along disputed border

Around 35 soldiers marched on to a floodplain site on the bank of the River Evros
At the camp there is a Turkish flag flying from a tree, as troops refuse to leave
It comes after thousands of Syrian refugees failed to break through into Greece

By Amelia Wynne For Mailonline
2Turkish troops have invaded and occupied a small patch of Greek land Greece on their contested border.
Around 35 soldiers marched on to a floodplain site on the east bank of the River Evros at Melissokomeio yesterday.
Turkish soldiers and police special forces now have a solid presence within the Greek territory and have camped in the pocket of Apiary at Feres, reports Greek site Army Voice.
At the camp there is now a small Turkish flag flying from a tree. Troops have rejected Greek demands to withdraw.

Turkey harasses fishermen boat, Frontex vessel, F-16s fly over Greek islands

May 21, 2020
Turkey has increased its provocations by air and at the sea on Thursday, by harassing Greek fishermen and a Frontex vessel from Finland in the eastern Aegean Sea, while fighter jets overflew Greek islets and even the island of Patmos.
A Turkish Coast Guard patrol boat entered Greek territorial waters and for four hours it harassed a Greek fisherman boat as well as a Frontex vessel from Finland.  The incident took place near the islet of Panagia in Oinousses islands off the island of Chios in the East Aegean Sea.
According to Chios media politischios, that obtained the video, the Turkish vessel called on the fisherman and the Frontex vessel to leave the area, claiming it was “Turkish territorial waters.” The vessel conducted dangerous maneuvers in high speed, just 1.5 nautical miles from the Greek coast.