DiEM25 in Serbia

Mara Knezevic


The Croatian philosopher Srećko Horvat, a member of the DiEM25 citizens’ movement, recently arrived in Serbia and gave an interview from which it transpired that he heads this movement in Croatia. He came to support the Serbian DiEM25 movement, but the movement is led by people from Soros’s payroll.

They campaign under the “yellow duck” symbol

It is under this symbol that Dilma Rousseff, ex-president of Brazil, was destroyed.

The Soros-funded “yellow duck” movement campaigns against “dictatorship” but their mission is to destroy elected governments that do not obey the dictates of Washington. In Serbia they have not been able to secure massive support. They have been working among students, unsuccessfully, and for the time being their activities have been halted.

The West is constantly trying to destabilize Serbia, make it a NATO base and make us NATO-friendly. Their mission is to destabilize Serbia and provoke conflict on the Ukrainian (Maidan) model.

The Soros scenario predicted post-election chaos: “As soon as the Serbian people elect a president you should start subversive activities,” said the Soros instructions. On the same day (after the election), a group of people under the slogan “Ne davimo Beograd” (“Do not drown Belgrade”) began to agitate against the legal government, wearing big “yellow duck” insignias in the streets of Belgrade, like the symbol of a new modified orange revolution. The movement collapsed after a few weeks, but they have to spend the money that Soros gave them, so we can expect new provocations.

All we need is peace, and all we want is for these “peacemakers” to leave us alone.

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People believe that Vucic’s policy is patriotic, not subservient to the dictates of the West. He wants good relations both with Moscow and with the US and EU. Soros cannot forgive him for such an attitude.

After the illegal construction of barracks in the city centre, the government started to carry out a project of redeveloping the banks of the river Sava, rearranging the Sava embankment and removing the railway tracks from the centre. The Soros movement  started to “defend Belgrade” with a blockade of the roads, making the traffic collapse. When this failed they began to protest against the relocation of asylum seekers out of the city centre, and so on.

Then on the day of the inauguration of the President of the Republic they protested under the slogan “he is not my president”. But because there was an increasingly smaller number of supporters, they gave up for the time being.

Srećko Horvat argues that the movement is gaining strength in Serbia, but we see no sign of this. I am afraid that they want to provoke civil war. This is strange because I have seen intelligent and interesting contributions on DiEM’s facebook sites, so I ask myself what do they want with Serbia?

A movement that consumes all its energy against one person – the head of a legally elected government of an independent country – cannot be considered independent. They are working on the political destabilization of the country. It complicates problems rather than solving them. The slogan “he is not my president” raises doubts over whether they have in their pocket their own president.  It they do, someone should say who it is, and in the next elections the people can give him their confidence – if he deserves it. There is a lot of muddy water around this “yellow duck”. The nation is giving the legal president the right to conduct an independent policy – as much as is possible in the given global conditions, so as to give peace a chance.

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Serbia is exposed to the effects of uranium bombardment, the surrender of Kosovo to Albanian war criminals, the pressure to renounce co-operation with Russia and turn only to the West… The people have no confidence in the West – after the genocidal bombardment of the Serbian people in 1999. We do not need advisors to teach us how to live together. In Yugoslavia dozens of nations lived together in peace until the West destroyed Yugoslavia. They supported the secession of all republics and punished Serbia for trying to preserve the spirit of Yugoslavia. And now, many nations live in Serbia? We do not need lessons in democracy, nor do we need street performances “against dictatorship”, like those that have brought Venezuela to the brink of ruin. The “opposition” in Venezuela burns pro-government protesters on the streets (with gasoline). We’re tired of those who come from abroad to tell us how to live.

I am trying to explain how most people feel at this moment. And we don’t understand what these movements are doing and who gives them money. All the young people – the leaders of the street protests – were dressed in fancily styled commercial costumes. They certainly do not represent the interests of workers and poor people, nor do they raise the issue of  selective justice. Some of them are from the anarchist movement, some from Marx 21, others from the non-governmental Soros sector. But most of them are there “for the fun”. The son of one of my friends went to a protest attracted by the “good fun, sandwiches, good-looking women”.  This is not the way to make the world a better place.