Cretans’ outrage cancels controversial Paratroopers’ event on “Nazis invasion of Crete”

April 14, 2021

Strong reactions by local politicians and ordinary people on the island of Crete manage to cancel a despicable event by a paratroopers association that was planning to hold an event and “honor” the 80-year anniversary of the Nazi-German invasion of Crete.

With posts on social media, the so-called European Paratroopers Association had announced it was planning the event in Chania sometime in May in order to “honor the bravery of the German paratroopers.”

Also Greeks were to participate. According to media reports, three active police officers are on the Association board.

The controversial event triggered an outrage not only on the island of Crete but the issue also reached the Greek Parliament.

From the first moment the Regional Governor of Crete and the deputy regional governors pointed out in all tones that no relevant permission was ever given by anyone for such an event.

“Only the posting of the relevant invitation on the internet is an insult to the historical memory, democracy and freedom” said the Deputy Regional Minister of Culture Costas Fasoulakis.

With questions submitted to the ministries of foreign Affairs, Defense, Interior, Culture and Citizen’s Protection KINAL MP Vassilis Kegkeroglou called the government to not allow such an event that “not only blackens the Greek History but also insult the national memory of thousands of freedom fighters who fell in the battlefield and of all Cretans.”

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Ultimately, the event was canceled on Tuesday evening and the Association made a last effort to justify the unjustifiable claiming in a statement that their purpose was to “promote camaraderie,” reports.

“We are very sorry if someone was offended for this and respect the feelings of the native Greeks, we will not celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Crete,” they wrote among others.

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