Clinton is War, Trump is Freedom, by Alexander Dugin

Today, the fate of mankind is being decided. The question is very clear: war or peace? The USA is the only hyper-power, and elections are going to be held in this country today. Oh, what elections these are! For the first time in many decades, the two candidates embody two alternative paths of development for the United States and, accordingly, for humanity as a whole.

Hillary Clinton is the path of globalism, the unipolar world, and the continuation of US hegemony. Under the present circumstances in which American might is collapsing in all regions of the world, a Clinton victory  means war – war against everyone who opposes US hegemony and chooses the multipolar world instead of the unipolar one. Clinton is the old world order, the one which was formed in the early 1990’s. This order is coming to an end, but it does not want to be ended. And this means agony. The agony of a small state or nation is one thing. It is scary and dangerous, even toxic. But the agony of a global hyper-power is a monstrous challenge for the whole world, for all of mankind. It is like a titan falling into the abyss. It can easily drag all the others down with it. In fact, Clinton is a genuinely possessed candidate. But not only by virtue of her personal qualities. Rather, her individual obsession reflects the madness of the globalist elites. They still rule the world, but their time is running out. They no longer attract or seduce anyone. People obey them only out of fear and weakness. Hillary Clinton is an image of the insane Great Mother Cybele who castrated her loved ones. She bears the matriarchal element of horror that demands submission without guaranteeing anything in return. Clinton means war.

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Donald Trump is the America that we almost lost. This is a huge country inhabited by rustic, naive, and strong-willed people who are each busy with their own personal issues, establishing businesses and companies, work and amusement, but they are all Trump’s Americans for one reason: they want to feel free. That’s it. Trump’s supporters are the characters from Ken Kesey’s novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the psychiatric clinic patients ruled by the Big Mother, the chief nurse Mildred Ratched – Big Nurse as Big Mother. They see that the globalist elite of Wall Street, the maniacs of the Federal Reserve System, and the ultra-liberals are depriving ordinary Americans of what is most important to them: their identity. As Patrick Buchanan said, America subjugated the world, but it lost itself. The only way out for the the real America, the America of freedom, is direct democracy and dignity. This is Donald Trump. In him there is hope for peace with other peoples, Americans’ return home to their “city on a hill” which has long since been out of sight, forgotten, and abandoned by the transnational elite, the neocons, and the global schemers of the CFR who don’t care about America. Trump’s America is an America returning to its roots, an America focused on its domestic situation and renouncing hegemony and global strategies. Such an America could become not only a partner, but a sincere friend to all other nations and peoples. Trump is Randle Patrick McMurphy from Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He rebelled against Big Nurse to free all the others. He encouraged them to have faith in themselves and rid them of their fear of the Big Mother’s black magic. Trump’s battle against Hillary is also a psychoanalytical drama. It is the independent, patriarchal male leaving behind the castrated spell of aggressive and harsh femininity.

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Trump’s America is an America of men – rustic and clumsy, but quite charming.

Everything is going to be decided today. Hillary’s victory could mean the end of the world. This needs to be prepared for. She has become a hostage of the forces that have hedged their bet on her. Most likely, she is hopelessly ill and is maintained only by the most effective medical drugs and doping. But this doesn’t change anything. The devil himself will rule America and partially the rest of the world from behind her back. The situation is always the same: the witches themselves are nowhere nearly as terrifying as their black lord. The Gospel says that perversion will come into the world, but woe unto him through whom it comes.

Trump’s victory means a complete restart of the global system. America will be great again, but no longer the only pole. This means that Americans and other peoples will have freedom. And the name of this freedom is Donald Trump.

In any case, the world will be a different place tomorrow. Either much worse than it is now or much better. But only one thing is clear: the world will never be the same again.