The Republicans and Democrats failed blue-collar America. The left behind are now having their say

By Thomas Frank

As industry and the Democrats abandoned the working and middle classes, Republicans posed as their protectors. But can either Trump or Clinton really restore hope to the many Americans who think the country no longer works for them?

It is inversion time in America as the people formerly known as the happy middle class rally by the millions for a Republican billionaire who is in love with the idea of national decline.

Donald J Trump is possibly the least qualified presidential candidate ever to be chosen by one of our big parties. He is a reality TV star who has never held a political office and has only a vague understanding of how the US government works – a real-estate tycoon who travels on a private jet and lives in a penthouse apartment that is decorated, say reports, in the style of Louis XIV. And yet he has somehow made himself into the voice of the downwardly mobile millions.

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