Bankers replay the Third Reich coup with the integrated EU

By Valérie Bugault
December 14th, 2019

The post of European Commissioner for Thierry Breton is very, very wide (« This large » French « portfolio, directly negotiated between Macron and the new boss of the Brussels Commission, the German Ursula von der Leyen, effectively encompasses the internal market , industrial policy, digital, defense and space. “: cf.

– internal market (competition rules …)
– industrial policy
– defense
– space

Thierry Breton will be de facto the real president of the European Commission!

Added to this is Christine Lagarde, coming directly from the IMF, as governor of the European Central Bank.

The European authorities will therefore be entirely in the hands of “French” more interested in the construction of globalism than in the sustainability of the France nation. Let us not forget that Macron, who officially named (forgiveness “proposed”; after a first “failure”, probably expected, of Sylvie Goulard) Thierry Breton, is himself an ardent defender of “European” sovereignty, in no way case of French sovereignty that he never talks about … This same Macron conscientiously liquidates everything that made the power of France, through its infrastructure, its strategic companies, its pension plan … to entrust these different issues power to private international institutions.

It must therefore be noted that the new major players in the European political game do not act according to French interests but according to the interests of international high finance. Just as Norman Montagu and Haljmar Schacht (dual German and American citizens) did in their time when they created the Bank for International Settlements (BIS/BIS), which was the prerequisite for the Second World War.

The post of “European Commissioner” entrusted to Thierry Breton comes, in reality, within the framework of the resizing of the instances of the European Union envisaged and carried out under the aegis of Macron. This resizing is dictated by the new policy of the globalist bankers who decided to scuttle the American empire so as to impose a new world currency, prior to the advent of the future world government. This resizing of the European institutions consequently excludes the American patriotic forces favorable to the American empire – which were largely at the origin of the creation of the EU – in the new integrated European federation, endowed with an “independent” army …

The newly defined (so-called European) institutions will therefore in reality be directly at the service of stateless banks and multinationals; the geographic coverage of Europe and especially the populations that these countries shelter have absolutely nothing to do with the strategic interests in the political maneuver.

In this new context, NATO will, in the European Union, transform itself into a “European projection force” which will probably recycle the Stay Behind networks and which will – need law – call on the good wills of the conquered forces in place by the necessity of a European defense, which supposes the disappearance of the national defense forces. We must understand the stakes of the operation: the call for a “European defense force” is both the showcase and the cover used by the financial forces to adorn their new European army by virtue and to coalesce national interests divergent on the back of foreign powers (the enemies officially declared that are China, Russia, Iran…) having no real warlike inclination vis-à-vis the European peoples.

The reader should not believe that the future “European projection force” will be definitively dissociated from NATO. These two forces will temporarily evolve autonomously in order to better join later when the future world government of bankers is created. “

In general, all these operations of institutional modernization – carried out by French people subjected to stateless financial interests – of the European Union, by federalist integration, openly cover the disappearance of France as a nation; their objective is the (temporary) resurgence of a European empire.

Bankers make and break empires to advance their agenda for creating a world government. They are re-betting on Europe because Chinese power has escaped them.

Note that they do not give up their desire to regain Chinese finance because stateless high finance, led by City bankers, and duly relayed by Trump, wants to gain a foothold in China: “China would also promise to  not to manipulate its currency to stimulate its exports, and to open its financial sector to foreign firms.  In the event that these promises are not kept, the American surtaxes will be re-imposed.  “


Globalist bankers NEVER give up, they can back off if the need arises, but they always plan ahead in order to always be able to bounce back without having to leave the field.  This is how they have practiced since the 18th century … and they already have many wars, including two with a global spectrum, to their credit …”

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