Austrian Chancellor Kurz Declares Turkey is Attacking Europe and Greece

By Nick Kampouris

In an unprecedented gesture of support for Greece, Sebastian Kurz, the Chancellor of Austria flatly declared on Tuesday that Turkey is attacking the European Union and Greece.

Kurz accused the Turkish President from Vienna of “consciously” organizing this refugee ”attack,” which as he said is deliberately targeted toward Greece and not Bulgaria.

The Austrian leader noted that within a few days 13,000 people have arrived at the Greek border and at the same time there have been no arrivals in Bulgaria, highlighting the fact that this is is not a random but a deliberately organized act.

Kurz also added that those now in Evros are not refugees from Idlib in Syria but people who have been living in Turkey for years.

The Austrian chancellor went on to further lend his support to Greece by saying that if Europe does not put pressure on Erdogan, then this will be ”the beginning of the end.”

”If we succumb to Erdogan… then Europe without internal borders will be history,” Kurz said in his stern warning.

“We are in touch with the Greeks, who have our full support for border protection measures and we are discussing about where we can contribute financially, as well as with police officers,” the leader of the Conservative-Greens coalition in Austria added.

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This was the very first time a European leader has ever spoken so clearly about the dire situation in Evros.

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