Australian Left on Gaza

The national Labor government and the mass media are in lockstep with Biden and the zionist project. The zionist lobby is long entrenched in official circles here. However the government is feeling the blowback from public opinion and the quite large and increasingly well-organised Palestinian and Arab community here. This causes the government to make noises about ‘a sustainable ceasefire’, as well as a two-state solution, but that tricks no one as the government continues to export military equipment to Israel and allow satellite spy bases to aid the IDF. And Canberra has joined those governments threatening funding to UNRWA.

Yet each week there are rallies and marches of several thousand in all the capital cities of the six states. The attendees are overwhelmingly young people (16-35) and reflect the multiethnic composition of Australian society. First Nations militants are very prominent and I’ve even seen banners in Vietnamese (traditionally a very right-wing, anti-communist refugee community). Women probably make up 60 per cent of the people there – at least. Arab Australians are concentrated in a couple of electorates in Sydney and Melbourne and usually vote Labor but are now highly likely to desert Labor at the next elections. The Greens have been very good – they now support BDS, an immediate ceasefire, an end to military links and so on. Their leaders speak at the rallies too. Like everywhere there is a definite Jewish left presence too.

All this is very typical of the global movement although some countries such as France and Germany and the Eastern Europeans are glaring exceptions. Its effects on the global ideological milieu are mostly positive.

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