Anti-Trump Protests Spread to States Where Trump Overwhelmingly Won

By Alexandra Rosenmann /  AlterNet

While Republicans may believe the anti-Trump movement is a dwindling a few nights after his upset victory. Judging from the protests raging on Thursday night, that does not appear to be true.


Protests continued across the nation for a second night on November 10. Cities such as Portland, Los Angeles and New York rallied against a Trump presidency, blasting the President-elect’s well-documented racism, sexism and bigotry that defined his campaign.


Thursday, the actions continued to spread to states even where Trump overwhelmingly won, such as Kentucky. In Louisville, hundreds gathered in the city blasting Donald Trump. “My body, my choice,” they shouted. Some held signs that read “Black Lives Matter,” “Love Trumps Hate,” and, perhaps most notably, “Not My President,” the slogan that has emerged in light of the Trump winning the presidency.

“Just because Kentucky was the first red state, that does not mean we are going to be the last to step up and speak out,” protest organizer Mallie Feltner said.

Kentucky, the first state officially called for Trump, was won on election night by over half a million votes.

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.