And Thank You for Not Flying El Al

The boycott of the airline by a high-tech giant fed up with its discrimination against women is a lesson in social responsibility

Jun 28, 2018

An El Al flight that departed from New York to Tel Aviv last week was delayed by over an hour because a handful of male Haredi passengers refused to sit next to women. The flight attendants spent many minutes trying to solve the problem. Their eventual solution was to move the women to other seats.

It could have ended as another routine incident, in which a commercial business surrenders once again to the caprice of Haredi consumers. However, this incident triggered a surprising reaction at the beginning of this week – the CEO of high-tech company Nice Ltd., Barak Eilam, announced that he and his company would boycott El Al. “At NICE we don’t do business with companies that discriminate against race, gender or religion,” he stated on social media. “NICE will not fly @EL AL Israel Airlines until they change their practice and actions discriminating women.”