Agreement on refugees. The view from Ankara

Here is an anthology of interesting publications in Turkey on the last agreement between Ankara and the EU. Murat Yetkin is representative of the semi-official point of view and how Ankara sees the wider strategic implications of its agreement on its relations with Europe.

But not everybody is happy with this agreement

Turkish  authorities have organized a huge operation for arresting immigrants and smugglers in the Turkish coast. If they want they can. The Turkish state controls de facto the flow of refugees to Greece/Europe and it is using this control for its aims. Where is by the way the North American superpower, its services and diplomacy? Is everything happening without their consent?

By the way MrsNuland, assistant Secretary of State, known for her encouragement to the Maidan revolt and the beginning of the new Cold War in Europe (“fuck the EU…”), ex-spokesman for the State Department under Hillary Clinton, very close to the neoconservatives who organized the terrible chaos in the Middle East, was again seen in Idomeni, Greece. She came to see with her own eyes what is going on and then she met in Athens with Minister Pappas, probably the best friend of Mr. Tsipras, but she did not say much.

The one million question: The refugee crisis, already affecting all Europe, and in particular Greece, is it just a sponanteous result or it was encouraged by broader international forces?

More children die
The Turkish PM on the agreement
 and Germany advises Turkey on refugees  
By the way the impression somebody gets from the EU-Turkey negotiations is that you have on the one side a government and a state, good or bad, and on the other a group of people pretending to be the leaders of a powerful Union and its member states, in fact applying too often agendas others are writing and European governments and the Union appplying
EU has found the “courage” to impose sanctions to Russia (!) and to begin a new cold war with Moscow, both against its own interests, when Washington has pushed. But they beg Ankara to do something now, while putting all pressure to a fellow member-state, GREECE.
Some days ago, Turkish authorities  have forbidden to the plane of the President of the European Council to fly directly from Nicosia to Ankara! Donald Tusk has not even protested. As for Mr. Erdogan, he is not unnecessary kind towards Europeans. “We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria any time and we can put the refugees on buses’”, Erdoagan said to Mr Yuncker in in October 2015, according to the minutes published by the Greek website Euro2day and  never refuted.