A very rare exception in Europe: Podemos, a democratic and socially oriented party

Pablo Iglesias Announces Shock Podemos Leadership Vote In Response To €600,000 Luxury Home Scandal

May 19 2018

Iglesias puts leadership position and seat as an MP at stake the day after the Mayor of Cádiz writes “The Podemos ethical code is not a formality”.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias announced on Saturday evening that he was putting his leadership and seat as an MP in Congress to a grassroots vote in response to a political scandal surrounding his purchase of a €660,000 luxury home 40km outside of Madrid with his partner, Podemos parliamentary spokeswoman Irene Montero, also present at the press conference.

“I didn’t think all this was going to generate this much of a fuss”, said Mr. Iglesias, who appeared tired and despondent.

Ms. Montero has also placed her leadership position in the hands of party members, and said it was up to them to decide “if our personal decision is coherent or not with the political position we currently hold”.

“There is now an open debate about our credibility and honesty”, she said.

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