Sunday, 16 January , 2022

2018 Polls Show 3-Way Struggle For Minority Lead

Ciudadanos has made the most gains since 2016, as Podemos languishes in fourth place, but parties 20 points away from majority.

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Image: Polls for 2018 show a clear lead group of three parties, with Podemos further back.


Opinion polls published since January 1 in Spain show three parties in the lead group, alternately vying for first place between 20% and 30%.

The latest survey, published by Invymark and La Sexta on Sunday evening, awards first place to the PP on 25.90%, Ciudadanos second on 23.80%, the PSOE third on 22.80% and Podemos fourth on 16.50%.

Podemos is placed fourth in all of the polls published this year so far.

Compared to results at the last general election in June 2016, the trend and average polling scores in the first two months of 2018 represent a fall of several points each for …

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