Fears of UK exit from the EU fuel global panic

By Robert Stevens

With just six days to go before the British population votes in the June 23 referendum on the UK’s membership in the European Union (EU), the real possibility of an exit vote has triggered alarm in ruling circles internationally.

All polls over the last week have shown those favouring an EU exit are in the majority. One poll published a week ago had the Leave campaign ahead by 10 points. The two latest polls, published Thursday, showed Leave ahead by between three and six points.

The two pollsters, Ipsos MORI and Survation, used the same methodology that had previously put Remain in the lead, sometimes by substantial margins. Leave is ahead in the Ipsos Mori monthly poll for the first time since Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron committed to a referendum in January 2013.

The murder Thursday of Labour parliamentarian Jo Cox by a man who allegedly shouted “Britain first” has thrown further uncertainty over the referendum, with both camps having announced a temporary suspension of their campaigns.

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