A vacuum on Spain’s political left

Center-right group Ciudadanos cannot be the only alternative to the governing Popular Party. Ideas are needed from the Socialists and Podemos

19 Apr., 2018

Practically all of the opinion polls published in recent months – including those carried out by Metroscopia for EL PAÍS – show the ongoing weakness of the electoral prospects for the governing Popular Party (PP), while simultaneously evidencing the strengthening of center-right party Ciudadanos (Citizens), placing it potentially as the most popular political force in Spain.

Meanwhile, the traditional main opposition Socialist Party (PSOE) and left-wing anti-austerity group Podemos appear to be either in decline or at least stagnating, without being able to attract either new or former voters. The fact that the parties led by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, respectively, are unable to make political capital from a time when Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his PP are at one of their weakest moments, nor are they able to offer citizens an alternative to the policies of the government, should be cause for serious reflection.

News this week that the Socialists in Madrid have offered current city Mayor Manuela Carmena the opportunity to head their electoral slate in upcoming municipal elections, as well as the revelation that Carolina Bescansa could team up with Íñigo Errejón to take over the leadership of Podemos, confirms the huge concern that many in both parties feel regarding the lack of a roadmap ahead of the upcoming municipal and regional elections.

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