A new Tonking incident? Americans are accusing Russians of what they prepare themselves!

The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident: The Lie That Sparked The Vietnam War

By Hannah McKennett | Checked By John Kuroski
September 10, 2019
In August 1964, the United States entered the Vietnam War after reports of an unprovoked attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. But the reports were false — and the president knew it.
In August 1964, the USS Maddox destroyer was stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of North Vietnam.
On August 2, it was attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats. And then, two days later, on August 4, the Johnson administration claimed that it had been attacked again. After the second attack, the U.S. Congress passed a resolution almost unanimously allowing the federal government to “take all necessary measures” to protect U.S. forces in Vietnam.
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Ukraine Warns Against Panic After US Orders Embassy Evacuation

Biden and Putin spoke Saturday, the Kremlin says US is still ignoring Russia’s key security concerns

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned against panic Saturday after the US ordered most of the staff of the US embassy in Kyiv to evacuate. The order was preceded by a fresh warning from the White House that the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine was “immediate” and could happen before the Beijing Olympics end on February 20th.Since November, the US has been warning that Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine, an accusation Moscow has repeatedly denied. The US narrative has been falling apart as Ukrainian officials have been downplaying the threat.
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Russia warns of provocations in Ukraine

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said such groups could target the self-proclaimed republics in Donbass
14 Feb, 2022
Moscow does not rule out provocations against the self-proclaimed republics in Donbass, “especially on the part of independent actors” in Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry told journalists on Monday amid Western rumors about a Russian invasion in the upcoming days.
When asked whether Moscow was considering evacuating its citizens from the neighboring country, Yuri Gorlach, the director of the Foreign Ministry’s crisis center, responded with a rhetorical question: “Do you understand how many Russian citizens there are in Ukraine?
The official added that speculations abound over Ukraine, with the West ratcheting up tensions.
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US Repeats Claim That Russia May Conduct ‘False Flag’ to Justify Ukraine Invasion

The accusation suggests the US will blame any escalation in the region on Russia regardless of who is responsible
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The Biden administration continues to suggest that Russia might carry out a “false flag” operation against separatists in eastern Ukraine to justify an invasion. Russia has repeatedly rejected the accusation, and the US has offered no evidence, but that hasn’t stopped Biden officials from making the claim.
In an interview with CBS, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the US is “watching very carefully” for a false flag.
“We also are watching very carefully for the possibility that there is a pretext or a false flag operation to kick off the Russian action in which Russian intelligence services conduct some kind of attack on Russian proxy forces in eastern Ukraine or on Russian citizens, and then blame it on the Ukrainians,” he said.
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Ukraine sets up for a possible winter offensive in LDNR

by GH Eliason for The Saker Blog
Dec 11, 2018
Everything is pointing to Ukraine starting a winter offensive in Donbass and the possible use of a chemical weapon false flag event to kick it off.
The Ukraine of 2018 is far different than what Europe was expecting. Instead of economic and social reform that was promised at Ukraine’s 2014 Euro-maidan coup, the government of Petr Poroshenko is taking a brute force approach to retaining power past the 2019 elections.
European and NGO supporters have been worried that the powers given with Poroshenko’s martial law declaration may be too spellbinding for Poroshenko. They are worried Kiev will trample on human and civil rights in Ukraine.
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