A letter from Palestine on Ukraine

by Mazin Qumsiyeh

We look at unfolding events in Ukraine with a sad and depressing sigh of de ja vu (I also have friends in Ukraine). It is sadly expected and history repeats itself because people do not learn from history. They do not examine trends and directions.

Let us look at things as they were before this supposed unexpected Russian “invasion.” Ukraine, like most countries in Europe, is cobbled together from different language and religious and cultural groups. Democracy and human rights were never on the agenda of the hypocritical Western Leaders who meddled in these Eastern European countries.

Tne US with 270 military basis including in Eastern Europe was adamantly opposed to “live and let live” and kept wanting more banana republics that serve imperial and Zionist interest. Make no mistake about it: the current puppet president of Ukraine (who also holds Israeli citizenship) would not have come to power without US/Israeli sponsorship. The Ukrainian neo-nazi militias that were fighting the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine are armed to the teath with Israeli weapons.

The Israeli and the US governments have been involved all along and not just in Europe but around the world propping racist dictators and puppets to serve the nefarious goals of world domination. The hypocricy of speaking of human rights and international order” are not lost on billions of people who see the West’s support of colonization, occupation, dictatorships, and pillaging of resources in dozens of countries even as we speak: apartheid in Palestine, genocidal attacks on Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Lebanon, and Cuba or the use of an economic system controlled by the few to punish millions of people unless they allow pro-Zionist, pro-imperialist puppet dictators to keep them enslaved. And no, we do not excuse Russia by stating these facts. War takes two sides.  It sometimes seems the only rational governmental voices globally are those of Iran and China who call for self-determination and respect for the charter of the UN and signed agreements (Minsk, nuclear agreement with Iran etc)!

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The Western governments seem set on this self-destructive course. Even those who start to think rationally like Germany are quickly silenced and ordered to obey (even against its own economic/people  interests).  It is inevitable to fail because billions suffer to enrich the few (arms manufacturers, business tycoons, Zionists/racists). That destructive course covered with persistent lies and rhetoric pof “us good, them bad” while earth is literally sick (climate change, overexploitation, pollution, racism etc) will even make millions more, including in the West itself, reach a point to consider even the North Korean dictator as more rational and truthful than their own governments! This is not a healthy state of affairs for the globe.

The two roads ahead are either massive global awakening and real change in world order or a bleak future for all of humanity (yes Russians, Americans, Europeans included).

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