A message to socialist parties and democratic forces in all countries of the world

Socialist People’s Alliance Party -Egypt
9 May 2021

Dear comrades and friends,

We send you this call for urgent solidarity with the Palestinian people in the context of the escalation of the Israeli policy of oppression and abuse in Jerusalem. The situation is urgent not least because of the high number of victims among the peaceful Palestinians who, as usual, perform their worship rituals in Al-Aqsa Mosque and in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, as well as those who defend their houses which they own and have lived in for many years in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem. They defend their houses against confiscation by the occupation authorities and their distribution to extremist Israeli settlers.

These actions of the occupation authorities constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity in various forms of apartheid and persecution policies against the Palestinian people. In the face of such actions, remaining silent is unconscionable, as would be any demand for mere appeasement or weak verbal condemnation. It is urgent that the whole world denounce these racist and criminal practices.

It is the duty of Arab and non-Arab governments to protect the Palestinian people, halt the crimes of the Israeli occupation, take all necessary measures to put an immediate stop to these practices and punish the perpetrators in order to reassert international law and activate international legitimacy with the rights it entails for the Palestinian people. This pressure on governments to take the necessary punitive measures is one of the main tasks of all progressive forces. We must all stand together and coordinate our efforts towards this cause.

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With sincere greetings and appreciation to all forces of democracy and freedom in the world.

Socialist People’s Alliance Party -Egypt.