A Historic Advance. Turkey, a NATO member enters the Soviet space

Turkish-Armenian Talks Start In Moscow

Jan 14, 2021
Special envoys of Turkey and Armenia held in Moscow on Friday the first round of negotiations on normalizing relations between the two neighboring states.
The Armenian Foreign Ministry said the talks took place “in a positive and constructive atmosphere,” with the two sides exchanging “preliminary views regarding the normalization process.”
“The parties agreed to continue, without preconditions, negotiations aimed at a full normalization,” it said in a statement. “The date and venue of their second meeting will be decided in due time through diplomatic channels.”
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Turkey dreams of its own Silk Road policy

The neighboring states of Turkey and Armenia, which have been enemies for decades, are reaching out to each other. The governments of the two countries, which have no diplomatic relations and whose relationship was severely strained by the Armenian genocide in World War I, now want to talk to each other again. The newly appointed special envoys of Turkey and Armenia will meet in Moscow on Friday to talk about normalizing relations.
The most important topic at the meeting moderated by the Kremlin is the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border, which has been closed since 1993. Also on the agenda is the creation of a land corridor from eastern Turkey through Armenia to Azerbaijan. That would be a step that could change the geopolitical position in the crisis-ridden South Caucasus and open up economic opportunities for all the states involved: for Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also for Turkey and Russia. Most importantly, the corridor would give Ankara access to Central Asia, fulfilling a Turkish dream.
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Pitfalls of Armenia’s Unnecessary Negotiations with Turkey

I will attempt to provide a comprehensive analysis of the upcoming “Armenia-Turkey normalization talks” on January 14, 2022 in Moscow. Armenia may be bungling these negotiations once again!
— To begin with, Armenia does not need to negotiate with Turkey to have the border opened. Such negotiations took place shortly after Armenia’s independence in 1991, when Armenia and Turkey opened their mutual border, until Turkey shut down its side of the border in 1993. Since Turkey is the one that closed its border with Armenia unilaterally, it can now open it also unilaterally. I fear that Turkey’s intent to hold such unnecessary negotiations is aimed at extorting concessions from Armenia.
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Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan form pan-Turkic bloc against Russia in Crimea

During his working visit to Brussels, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky met with President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, during which they discussed issues of enhancing bilateral cooperation between the countries…
It is noted that Zelensky thanked Aliyev for supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and appealed for the possibility of Azerbaijan joining the process of releasing illegally detained persons.
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