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With Nod to Military Action Against Iran, US Gives In to Israeli Pressure

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Secretary of State Tony Blinken said all options are on the table against Iran, giving a clear nod to threats to attack militarily. This is exactly the sort of threat Israel has wanted, and Israeli officials are congratulating one another in getting that out of the US.

“All options” was a catch-all term for the US in threatening anyone, but Israeli officials felt the US wasn’t saying it nearly enough against Iran, presenting this as a split between Israel and the Democrats, a rift they now see as healing.

Israeli officials saw limited threats against Iran as a sign that the US realistically hadn’t kept some options on the table. It isn’t clear that the US is any closer to attacking Iran now, however.

The US is resisting key aspects of a deal, and warning time is running out for Iran. This, and the threats to attack, are part of the bargaining effort, not serious signs an attack is imminent.

Apart from Israel, the US would likely face major international opposition for a unilateral attack. The US stated goal is to return to the JCPOA and see Iran returned to it as well. Iran seems wholly prepared for that, on the condition that the US actually honors the deal and that they get some sort of assurance that the US won’t back out again like they did last time.

The assurance will likely be difficult, as Iran is such a political hot button in the US that many candidates will run specifically on dishonoring any deal reached with them.

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