Israeli Far Right threatens with nuclear war in the Middle East

On Nuclear Iran, Israel Faces Two Terrible Options

An Israeli attack on Tehran’s nuclear installations would probably ignite an all-out Middle Eastern war – a frightening scenario, but also frightening is the prospect of living in the shadow of a nuclear Iran

By Benny Morris

The bottom line is simple and clear: Either Israel, to the best of its ability, using missiles and bombs, destroys Iran’s nuclear installations, or it will have to live with a nuclear Iran in the years to come.

Unfortunately, those are the only options and there are no others. The United States, whose military capabilities are far greater than Israel’s, won’t do the work for us (or for itself or for the rest of the world). It didn’t do what was necessary in recent decades, not under Bill Clinton, George W. Bush (when there was a realistic possibility; instead it attacked the easier target, Iraq) or Barack Obama.

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