Trade Wars: US against EU, Neocons against Globalists

Germany, France, UK Agree to Defend Trade Interests in Standoff With US


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Theresa May have agreed in phone talks that the European Union should be ready to defend its trade interests if the United States takes any trade measures against the bloc, the German government said Sunday.
“The chancellor also spoke with the president [Macron] and the prime minister [May] on trade relations with the United States. They agreed that the United States should not take trade-linked measures against the European Union and that, otherwise, the European Union should be ready to defend its interests within the framework of the multilateral trading system,” the statement read.
Merkel spoke to Macron on Saturday and held talks with May earlier on Sunday.

EU was created to rip US off, Trump says as allies brace for trade war

29 Apr, 2018

The European Union was formed to rip off the US, President Donald Trump said during a rally, as he vowed to “take on” the bloc and China, saying that the days of “disastrous trade deals” are over.

Trump unleashed a tirade aimed at the European Union at a campaign-style rally in Michigan on Saturday. Taking aim at the EU’s trade policies, Trump said that the bloc “was put there to take advantage of the United States.
Not anymore, we told them that yesterday, actually the exact same words, not anymore, those days are over,” Trump said to a round of cheers.
The US leader hinted that he would stop at nothing to fix the trade imbalance, warning the crowd that they should expect some temporary setbacks on the way to a bright future for the US economy.

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