Israel Gives Ukraine Intelligence on Iran via NATO

NATO sources tell ‘Haaretz’ some of the intel is on the Iranian drones plaguing Ukrainian civilians and infrastructure

By Yossi Melman

Israel has stepped up its intelligence assistance to Ukraine in recent weeks via NATO, sources in Brussels told Haaretz, with Jerusalem remaining keen to keep its aid to the embattled country indirect.

This would be Israel’s latest show of flexibility toward Kyiv, with the political and military leaders slightly easing the fence-sitting policy they have employed since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The catalyst is the military aid that Iran is now providing Moscow, including the training of Russian forces in Russia.

“Iran’s decision to supply drones and increase its military cooperation with Russia is a strategic mistake by Tehran and the best thing that could have happened to Israel-NATO relations,” an Israeli defense source told Haaretz.

Only a month and a half ago, Defense Minister Benny Gantz and the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Aviv Kochavi, turned down a proposal by Ukraine’s defense minister to share information on the Iranian drones being shot down over his country. These details would have come in return for the passing on of Israeli intelligence.

Until Iran’s intervention in the war – for the first time it’s providing military aid to a European country – the Bennett-Lapid government stuck to its refusal to give Kyiv anything that might help Ukraine militarily, sufficing with humanitarian aid.

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