Erdoğan’s challenge. We need the courage of the century. The New American Century is over. There is now a Turkey axis

By İbrahim Karagül
15 August 2018

There is now a Turkey axis. This will be the most shaking development of the upcoming years from the Balkans to the depths of the Middle East and Africa, from Central Asia to South Asia. Turkey has completed the entire ideational infrastructure, made its decision and set off in this regard.

It is making its preparations and designing its investments and ventures in politics, the economy and defense according to this. As the foreign intervention elements on the inside are being cleared one by one, the borders are being made secure for Turkey, and action is being taken with great claims from the economy to politics, from foreign policy to security, and from social solidarity to new regional interpretations.

From this stage onward, regardless of which field it may be in, all circles that want the “inside invasion” tender, every foreign-linked structure with a secret agenda will be eliminated, will have to be eliminated regardless of their ideological background. When doing this, Turkey interpreted the quake-like developments on the global power map, ascertained the voids and calculated the power shift.