Greeks Beware of a Silent Operation Mercury II

We publish below an extremely interesting and important article by Phil Butler.. We are not in position to confirm the veracity of the claims contained in it in an independent way, still we consider them quite logical. Especially on the light of the quite extremist, unbelievable and catastrophic measures the “Troika of Creditors” (EC, ECB and IMF and, behind them, the “Empire of Finance” and German and European elites) have already imposed to Greece.

The state of world geopolitics today does not bring to mind any historical context. There seems to be no precedent for the clash of nations and peoples, even though many compare the situation to pre-war Europe in the 1930s, or to some span of time during the Cold War. The state of the world today is a brand-new kind of dangerous. In this report, I’d like to call the reader’s attention to this peculiar state of affairs and to warm my Greek friends of a silent war being waged upon them.

“The World War II Battle of Crete, or Operation Mercury (Unternehmen Merkur), was a Nazi hammer strike airborne onslaught, the likes of which the world had never seen before.”

The Cast

It has occurred to me that our inquiries into the world’s state of affairs need to take on a new complexion. Since decades, maybe even for centuries, the people of the world have tried to identify, gauge, and classify civilization and our systems using various forms of quasi-science. We hash and rehash what our political philosophers and leaders tell us is news and data. Then, at the dawn of a new century, we find ourselves in what seems like the same predicament as before. We are in a constant state that reminds me of an old saying, “All the world’s a stage.” Only no one is asking the most sentient question of all – “Who is the director?” All we see are the actors. There is no apparent Hitler or Mussolini or Tojo villain, only mysterious groups of investors and well-insulated elites to point to and say, “You did it!”

US President Donald Trump is a leading man. France’s embattled President Emmanuel Macron is a supporting actor, and so are evil villains like billionaire George Soros, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and an all-star cast of supporting villains like News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch, the boys at Google, and members of the board of directors at 500 Fortune companies. Nobody is calling to the Academy Awards of diabolical world domination, the award-winning director of a Broadway or Hollywood production that has 7 billion in the audience captivated and spellbound. I am focused on this orchestrator because of a waking dream I had. By the way, you can know the world is an unfolding drama when as an analyst you wake up at 4 a.m. thinking about how something seemingly insignificant is really a key piece of evidence in the biggest crime in human history. Bear with me, while I explain.

The Big Plot

Some research I was doing last week concerning the Greeks and their bids for UNESCO World Heritage status for several iconic cultural landmarks, it turned up still more coincidences that cannot really be coincidental at all. I’ll cut to the chase rather than carrying the reader on my quest to help Crete get its Minoan Civilization treasures listed. You can research how come the Minoan Palace at Knossos is not a World Heritage landmark, and you’ll find a rat’s nest of bureaucracy and vested interests. You will also discover that Europe’s most advanced Bronze Age society has no place whatsoever in the United Nations’ chartered attempt to bring our worlds together. Before I go on, here is what the UNESCO charter says on “listing” our cultures and our heritage, Article I, number 1 of the Constitution of signed in 1946:

“The purpose of the Organization is to contribute to peace and security by promoting collaboration among the nations through education, science and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, for the rule of law and for the human rights and fundamental freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the world, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion, by the Charter of the United Nations.”

The UNESCO constitution, like most well-meaning social contracts in the western world, is a noble gesture at its core. Unfortunately, all such gestures are hijacked now. Let me illustrate how this new “plot” leads to the final ending.

The Big Misdirect

A story I wrote about this “Knossos battle” for recognition obviously tweaked some tail feathers. I own a not-so-well-known travel news site, where I posted how ridiculous it is for the Germans to get a Nazi steel mill listed at UNESCO when the first city of Europe has been turned down multiple times in the last two decades. When I emailed UNESCO, and then received a call from their head of media, George Papagiannis in Paris, I was interested to find out how the “Knossos” affair was even possible. The “coincidences” that followed led me to write this story – especially after a lay awake this morning with ethereal clues as to the meanings.

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Long story short, the PR genius Papagiannis almost managed to not only get UNESCO off the hook, he also managed to excuse the Greek politicians and ministers from “messing up” the bid of the western hemisphere’s most important heritage monuments. When I asked the UNESCO mouthpiece who was to blame for Crete having ZERO UNESCO monuments, he told me it is “the community’s fault” because of their lack of investiture in fixing these sites. This not only puzzled me, it infuriated me and spurred me to investigate further. Greece is in such a sad fix with austerity and economic woes; I figured UNESCO and the rest of Europe would be helping out. Boy, was I wrong? My answers came when I investigate just who this UNESCO PR man is, and when I questioned why he would call to talk to little old me for almost an hour. Here’s some “coincidence” I found.

George Papagiannis, it just so happens, was the communications director for the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. Not only was he in charge of her PR, he was also on the job during a crucial time in America. I will quote directly from his LinkedIn profile, from which you will hopefully see something significant.

“When the opening gavel of the 105th session of the U.S. Congress came down in January 1997, it sounded a discordant note. This would be the Congress that would impeach U.S. President Bill Clinton. As Director of Communications and Spokesperson, I was part of the House Democrats message team. Our challenge was to find the message that would be critical of the president’s affair with an intern while defending him and protecting the institution of the presidency.”

You read it correctly. It appears it was Papagiannis’ job, the team’s job, to see to it that former President Bill Clinton got off the hook, while saving face for the House of Representatives too. They “crafted” a message that got everybody in the clear, just like UNESCO and the Greek politicians are in the clear. It turns out, Papagiannis is another actor in the drama unfolding. After the Pelosi stent, the veteran media man worked as Director of Radio Operations and Journalism Training for Internews, in developing independent media “post-war authoritarian regimes” in Afghanistan, Burma, Chad, Pakistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and many other nations in upheaval. For those who are unaware, Internews is a non-profit that has trained more than 80,000 in 70 countries at “media skills.” Now, plug this into the current state of propaganda and so-called “fake news” and you catch up with my current waking nightmare.

The Truth in the Sub-plot

Now get this, Internews has the look of a shadow functionary of the U.S. State Department or even the CIA. Nobody reading this will know, I certainly did not, that it was Internews that created the first-ever Twitter campaign to cover elections in Ukraine. And out of Washington D.C., no less, in April of 2011. Internews was also in Egypt about the time Arab Spring shit hit the fan, and the organization played critical roles “re-creating” media in other tumultuous places around the globe. It is also worth noting that our old friends at Google chose to co-fund this new-media expansion. So, finding out that Papagiannis worked for the same folks funded by the World Bank Institute and the Brookings Institution and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – well, you can imagine how “coincidence” began to fade from my reality indexes. Papagiannis on the horn with me for that length of time, the Knossos affair, and what the World Bank and others are up to – let’s just say it all makes more sense now.

Now, the 4,000 to 5,000-year-old Minoan palaces in UNESCO limbo, Greece under the jackboot of the IMF, the World Bank, and the international economic pirates, and Greek politicians selling their countrymen out by privatizing all of Greece for sale to the highest Luxembourg, London, Berlin, or Beijing bidder, it all comes together with the fact that these Minoan treasures were about to go on the bidding block to pay off a western debt bankers created for Greeks! Yes, it is my belief that the “Director” of this worldwide takeover game had issued orders to sell off priceless cultural treasures like Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, Zakros, Kydonia, and many other irreplaceable properties of the Greek people. Other “timing coincidences” create a circumstantial case for the whole Greece economic situation being an act of economic warfare against the innocent Greek public. 2009, a former World Bank executive, Ekaterini Tzitzikosta, turns into the President of the Hellenic Commission for UNESCO, who just so happens to have turned down the Knossos bid in 2009. Right after the 2008 collapse? Then, if not for Greeks rising up in protest, the government has Knossos on the sale list until January of this year? While Greek officials have vehemently denied there was any intention to sell off these treasures, there’s evidence to the contrary.

A story on ROAR Magazine entitled “A struggle to save Europe’s soul from privatization,” framed well the German sentiment toward the Greeks as the debt crisis hit home in 2010. Roos, who is a Fellow in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics, pulled no punches in his report on the way the Greeks were being set up. Germany’s Bild tabloid splashed headlines onto every bakery and lunch counter in Germany proclaiming “Sell your islands, you bankrupt Greeks!” This was when the anti-Greek propaganda began. “And sell the Acropolis too!” – the headlines ran on and on, even poking Greeks in the eyes with “We give you cash, you give us Corfu.” But the German propaganda plan was launched in coordination with Greek lawmakers putting a lot more than archaeological sites on the bidding block. No one reading this will be aware of the diabolical plan to take over everything of value in Greece. Let me first quote from Roos’ story; then I will lay out what I believe is happening now.

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“Then, in May, the government upped the ante by proposing a bill that would effectively overturn decades-old constitutional protections of the country’s coastline that restrict development and guarantee open access to the beach. The Greek privatization fund TAIPED subsequently marked 110 beaches for privatization, including such gems as Elafonisos, home to the valuable marine archeological site Pavlopetri.”

Greece is the world’s last great unspoiled tourism Mecca, though few reports will tell of this. Unlike Spain, where the coastline is an endless sea of commercialization, Greece has had in place laws that prohibit unlimited development on its precious shoreline. Elafonisos, which Roos mentions, is one of the world’s most beautiful and pristine beaches, and her on Crete where I live. Right now it is absolutely unspoiled, in the middle of a wilderness with only a taverna and some drink stands standing out. Put just one all-inclusive resort on it, and it is over. Already, Crete has a horde of big all-inclusive resorts that cater (get this) mostly to lower middle-class Germans TUI flies here for the cost of a schnitzel. TUI is already ruining the traditional Cretan charm, and my sources tell me they plan to take over a lot more. This is another part of what I believe is a cohesive plan. Roos continues by citing the “World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warning that a Spanish-style construction of holiday apartments would cover the Greek coastline in concrete.” Here is where things get really interesting.

What UNESCO’s head of media must know is that the budget of the Culture Ministry has been slashed by more than 50% since 2010. Informing me the Cretan or Greek community must pay, knowing full well they cannot, is a big piece of subterfuge in my book. Europe’s most valuable cultural treasures are at risk, and the Germans want to ride in on a white horse and pretend to rescue the poor Greeks. (Time Magazine on saving Greek treasures) All the while, the IMF, the World Bank, the Frankfurt bankers have already greatly reducing the available funds to maintain and protect archeological sites and run public museums. Like I said, it’s a diabolical plan – a Fourth Reich invading Crete for a second time, only now with economic dive bombers. Dr. Jerome Roos encapsulates it better than I ever could:

“While the sheer size of the privatization program and the aggressiveness with which it is being pursued are unprecedented in European history — eclipsing even the disastrous fire-sale privatizations in Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

Roos’ warnings were timely, just as the Society of Greek Archaeologists’ warnings late in 2018 that the government still had plans to sell off Greece’s heritage are. Factor in this report on how most of UNESCO’s budget is doled out for six figure salaries, and that malfeasance in those offices is probably rampant, and you get a feel for what the Greeks are really experiencing.

Snap! Take-Two Directed by Carlyle Group

Now I know why UNESCO was keen to smooth over the Knossos affair. First, let me call on the laws of probability. What are the chances, would you say, that an independent analyst investigating the current state of Russophobia ends up getting a call from a UNESCO PR man who has endorsements from USAID in Ukraine? A billion to one? Well, the head of talk-talk for the United Nations’ cultural/peacekeeping force is a poster boy for USAID, and others loosely or directly tied to the globalist hegemony. The UNESCO media chief has been “training” media people in places like Chad (2006) where Exxon and other oil interests link arm and arm with the World Bank consortium to “change” governments. The United States Institute for Peace speaks of UNESCO’s spokesperson as if he is Lawrence of Arabia. And we all know that USIP gets funds from Congress, the Department of State, USAID, and the Department of Defense. Some would label a “spook” – albeit a very nice one. And now I can understand Papagiannis’ detached tone as he described Crete, where he said he has relatives. And I thought UNESCO people loved and embraced all our cultural and historic treasures. And, for those of you who think Greek heritage is the only target, a 2007 study entitled “Privatization of State-owned Cultural Heritage: a Critique of Recent Trends in Europe,” by Gaetano Palumbo cautioned us all about the time Knossos Palace was first under consideration. At the end of his report, we find our old investment friends, the Carlyle Group involved in the sale of the buildings of the state-owned tobacco company, Manifatture Tabacchi. Another coincidence, oh my. Here you can see how the investors intend making profits off privatization. Carlyle Group invested in this cultural monument back in the early 2000s, and nearly 20 years later their “vision” is not yet complete. Citing from a report on Italian privatization and the Carlyle Group investments by Roland Benedikter at the International Journal of Heritage Studies back in 2004 :

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“So far, none of the purchasers have included cultural institutions, and instead have been international real estate and economic investors, who operate at a profit.”

In that report Benedikter listed Carlyle Group purchases including; Villa Manzoni, Rome (19th century); Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence (20th century); Archivio di Stato di Bari (19th century); Palazzo Correr, Venice (16th century); Palazzo Via dei Cambiatori, Reggio Emilia (1901); Palazzo Piazza del Monte, Reggio Emilia (1671); Palazzo Via Balbi, Genoa (1677). And from what I gather, most of these are being turned into for-profit ventures like hotels. What’s most interesting (or diabolical) about these Carlyle Group ventures are the dirt cheap prices these billionaires spent for priceless Italian heritage. For instance, instead of being put on a UNESCO list, Villa Manzoni near Rome sold to Carlyle for just over €230,000 euro. This is a little less than I have my small family home in Germany listed for. Now get this, Villa Manzoni property, which is built on top of a Roman villa, is described as follows:

“The building of 3,000 square meters surrounded by a 90,000 square meter park is located at number 471, on via Cassia, at the height of the Nerone tomb, which the various mayors of Rome and Culture Ministers repeatedly declared the intention to buy and transform into a public garden. Situated almost at the center of the city, its location is highly esteemed featuring mainly residential buildings. The real-estate complex consists of three different buildings: the villa principle [main villa], the exvillino [at the time a small villa for the gardener] and the ex stalle [at the time the stables]. The area is used above all for residential, recreational and private purposes.”

Is it fair for me to say here that Carlyle Group pirated (stole) some of Italy’s most precious heritage?

I apologize for not being able to supply the reader with the name, rank, and serial number of the Globalist Chairman of the Board here. Maybe he or she is in charge of the Carlyle Group? Whatever we think, we are only one step closer to proving who is calling for scenes to be redone, for new set locations, and who tells the actors which side of their mouths they speak out of? Again, we only have more clues, but this USIP organization mentioned here, it has been called a kind of asymmetrical aggression lab by Z Magazine writers Sarah Diamond and Richard Hatch. Greece under duress, the traditions of the civilizations of the western hemisphere for sale, the names that keep revolving around across every discipline – the director’s cast act out an unbelievably well-choreographed play. We are living inside a skit with a predictable ending.

We are the audience instead of the actors, in a diabolical production where U.S. National Security Advisors come from Internews, where UNESCO World Heritage spokespersons rub elbows with counterinsurgency warfare specialists, and where a vast stable of globalist puppets work to secure the Academy Award for world control. We live in a world where the generals have been put in charge of peace, and where media professionals become the world’s best liars. The world stage’s director is still the unseen hand though; I am sorry to say. Maybe it’s Lord Rothschild, or the King of Denmark, perhaps the Queen Mother still holds that much sway? But rest assured, there is a chairman of the board of evil directors, there is a director, this is the way their minds work. I just wish the one calling the shots had the courage to stand up like Hitler or Mussolini or Satan even, to take the credit.

Before my next report, I urge the reader to look into something called the “Shock Doctrine,” in order to find out what is really going on in Greece.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”