‘You talk like Goebbels’: Global Times editor-in-chief shoots back at Pompeo’s parallels between China & Nazi Germany

7 Jun, 2020

The editor-in-chief of a major Chinese tabloid slammed Mike Pompeo for comparing his country to Nazi Germany, likening his words to those of Hitler’s propaganda chief and reminding the secretary of state of America’s endless wars.

Hu Xijin took to Twitter on Sunday venting his anger about Mike Pompeo’s remarks.

“You are inciting radical hostility and ripping the world apart. You aren’t like a top diplomat, instead, you talk like Goebbels of Nazi Germany. I’m worried that world peace will eventually be destroyed by extreme politicians like you,” he wrote.

The explosive remarks on China were made by Pompeo on Saturday when he spoke with the Daily Caller on the 76th anniversary of D-Day – the Allied landing operation in Nazi-occupied France back in 1944. The top US diplomat drew parallels between “the promises that the Chinese Communist Party had made in their treaty with the United Kingdom that they broke” and promises broken “back when Germany advanced against the rest of Europe.”

Hu’s response was further reinforced by a large editorial released by the Global Times later on Sunday. Pompeo’s remarks have “crossed the bottom line of modern-day diplomacy,” the piece reads, highlighting the extreme double standards the US practices in regard to Hong Kong – and its own internal troubles.

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“When rioters set Hong Kong on fire, US politicians called that a ‘beautiful sight to behold,’ but when similar incidents swept the US, the same group of politicians decried them as riots that should be quelled. Have Pompeo and his peers realized that their country is using up its resources and chances to play such double-standard tricks?”

Moreover, the US is certainly not the country to compare others to Nazi Germany, given the perpetual wars it has been waging all across the globe, as well as its continuous efforts to undermine any international cooperation, the editorial noted.

“China hasn’t engaged in a war with any foreign country for 32 years. But in the same period, how many wars have been launched by the US? From Panama and Haiti in Central America to Iraq and Afghanistan in Asia, to Somali in Africa, and to Kosovo in Europe, US troops have left bullet-holes.” the article reads.