US Secretary of State Pompeo posts map of Turkey divided, causing outrage by Turks

One user tweeted for him to stick the map up his a**

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posted a map that depicts Turkey divided into two parts, leaving angry Turkish nationals in shock.

In one of his latest tweets, the top US diplomat showed the map of countries, supporting Juan Guaido, who recently proclaimed himself an interim president of Venezuela, which featured Turkey with a borderline splitting the country in two unequal parts.
While the US State Department has not commented on why it depicted Turkey in such a manner, Twitterians unleashed their outrage in the comments to the tweet. Most of them said that only in Washington’s “dreams” Turkey would be divided.

Some suggested that Pompeo should go back to school to get some geography lessons, while others were even more aggressive and rude suggesting he stick that map where the sun doesn’t shine!

“Stick that map of divided Turkey up your a**”, a user named M.S. Akcay added.

US-Turkish relations have turned sour after Turkey said it planned to launch military operations in Syria, following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from US forces from the Arabic Republic.