Why E3 keeps silent on UN arms embargo on Iran

August 2, 2020

TEHRAN – While the dispute over the UN arms embargo on Iran looms large on the horizon, the European signatories to the Iran nuclear deal –France, Germany and the UK (E3) – continue to refuse to take a clear stance on the UN arms embargo, which put them in a dilemma that they want to avoid, an analyst tells the Tehran Times.

The E3 and the U.S. increasingly hold talks on Iran in a bid to settle their differences over a range of issues that have shaken the transatlantic alliance over the past few years. The UN arms embargo on Iran is one of these issues on which U.S. officials seek to reach an agreement with the Europeans.

To this end, U.S. Special Representative for Iran and Senior Advisor to Secretary Brian Hook traveled to Estonia and the United Kingdom on July 28-29 for consultations with the U.S. European allies. Before the trip, the U.S. Department of State said in a statement that Hook was going to visit the UK after his visits to Tunisia, Kuwait, and Qatar, but it stopped short of saying what issues he would discuss in London.

The UK Foreign Office also refused to give details about Hook’s trip. It’s not clear yet how many UK officials and whom the American official met in London.

Robert Wood Johnson, the U.S. ambassador to the UK, said in a tweet on July 29 that Hook was in London to hold talks about the UN arms embargo on Iran.

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