“We don’t live in the Dark Ages!” Α new Greek crisis

“We don’t live in the Dark Ages” writes in his article today the President of the Union of Greek Judges and Prosecutors Christoforos Sevastakis. He was answering to a minority inside the Council of the Union which criticised Greek judges and prosecutors for their announcement, by which they ask the Greek government to satisfy the demand of the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas and thus save his life. Koufontinas’ demand is the application of the law in his case!

Probably the President of Greek Judges and Prosecutors is mistaken. We do live in Dark Ages!

Dimitris Koufontinas, 63 years old, already in prison for two decades, is on a hunger and thirst strike asking for the law to be applied in his case. The last law on detention of terrorists, of dubious constitutionality, voted especially to punish him, provides explicitly for his transfer to Korydallos prison. But the government has refused to apply even the law voted by it and send Koufontinas to the Domokos High Security Prison.

As a result Koufontinas has begun a hunger strike and since some days he is refusing also to get water. According to today’s announcement by the director of Lamia Hospital he has already suffered serious aggravation of his health.

Speaking to the parliament two days ago Yanis Varoufakis implied that behind the policies of the Greek Minister of Public Order Chrysochoides is no else than Geoffrey Pyatt, US ambassador to Greece, former ambassador to Kiev during the coup d’ etat and the civil war that followed.

We cannot exclude that the whole story was conceived as a provocation in order to provoke an explosion of the Greek Youth and then suppress it, terrorize everybody and institute a regime of emergency, to be able to face the looming to the economic situation social explosion which is coming.

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It is not the Greek Government that is planning this. It is not even capable of that.

It is the informal “International” of Secret Services and Ministries of Public Order of European countries which probably wants to act proactively now and which is imposing the same type of authoritarian measures to various European countries, like France, Spain, Greece.

The previous coup d’ Etat against Democracy in Europe begun also in Greece in 2010 by using Banks, the ECB and IMF. Now we are probably crossing to the next stage of the war against European democracy, with extensive use of more traditional means.

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

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