Venezuela Confirms Recovery of Its Embassy in Brazil

Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza thanked Brazilian social movements for defending the building and achieving its recovery.

13 November 2019

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza confirmed Wednesday that irregular groups that violently entered Venezuela’sembassy located in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, left the premises peacefully thanks to authorities and social pressure.

Through his Twitter account, the diplomat expressed his gratitude to the Brazilian social movements that went to the location to defend the diplomatic headquarters and achieve its recovery, adding that all the diplomatic personnel ratified their support for President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan government.

On Wednesday morning, the Venezuelan Vice-Minister for Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yvan Gil raised the complaint on social media and emphasized that it was the responsibility of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro to guarantee the safety of its officials.

“The Government of Brazil must give all guarantees and respect to international agreements if this aggression is maintained it will be a serious precedent,” he said.

Meanwhile, social movements, which were all day in support of diplomatic officials and denouncing the invasion by supporters of Juan Guaido commemorate at this time the recovery of the diplomatic headquarters and support the government of Nicolas Maduro.

For his part, the head of business of Venezuela in Brasilia Gerardo Delgado Maldonado warned about what was happening at the diplomatic offices and reiterated the support for the government presided by democratically elected Nicolas Maduro.

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The interruption and violation of the Venezuelan diplomatic compound by these violent groups represented a latent violation of the Vienna Convention Agreement.

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