The USA Seems Ready to Launch Nuclear War in Korea

North Korea stages large-scale artillery drill as U.S. submarine docks in South

North Korea conducted a big live-fire exercise on Tuesday to mark the foundation of its military as a U.S. submarine docked in South Korea in a show of force amid growing concern over the North’s nuclear and missile programs.

The port call by the USS Michigan came as a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group steamed toward Korean waters and as top envoys for North Korea policy from South Korea, Japan and the United States met in Tokyo. [Read more at]

US naval “armada” menaces North Korea

With tensions on the Korean Peninsula already on a knife-edge, the US has dispatched the nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Michigan to the region. The submarine, which is capable of launching up to 150 Tomahawk cruise missiles from more than 1,500 kilometres, is due in the South Korean port of Busan today.

The arrival of the USS Michigan coincides with intense media speculation that North Korea will conduct a nuclear or ballistic missile test to mark its Military Foundation Day. The Trump administration has repeatedly declared that the US will use “all options” to prevent Pyongyang developing a nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of hitting the American mainland. [Read more at]

War Against North Korea Seems Inevitable with Trump, the Clown Dictator, Calling the Shots

Donald Trump is probably going to attack North Korea soon. If he does, there will be virtually no end to the destruction.

On Monday, we learned that Trump summoned not just the Senate leadership from both parties to the White House but, indeed, the entire Senate. It’s unclear how the president will accommodate 100 senators on Wednesday, but that’s the news. And it’s definitely about North Korea. The briefing will be held by Rex Tillerson, “Mad Dog” Mattis, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford and Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence. If you’re wondering if this is normal, the answer is no. It’s quite rare for the White House to brief the entire U.S. Senate, other than during a joint address to Congress. [Read more at]

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North Korea: ‘US has now gone seriously mad’

North Korea has once again threatened to launch “full-out war” with nuclear weapons, amid reports of the imminent arrival of an American naval strike group off the Korean Peninsula.

Tensions between the United States and the North have risen sharply in recent weeks as a series of North Korean missile tests have prompted dire warnings from President  Donald Trump’s administration about curtailing its nuclear weapons programme.

The USS Carl Vinson will arrive in the Sea of Japan within days, American Vice President Mike Pence said on Saturday, after mixed messages from the US over the warship’s whereabouts. [Read more at]

The Voyage of the Good Ship Carl Vinson

What I believe to be the true significance of the mix-up over the wanderings of the USS Carl Vinson has been entirely missed, even by the alternative media. I think it provides an intriguing insight into the machinations of the nefarious, secretive – some say nonexistent – “Deep State”.

On April 8th Pacific Command announced that the Vinson (previously famous for being the carrier from which Osama bin Laden’s body was unceremoniously dumped in the presence of only a few top officers) was headed for Korea, a show of resolve lauded by the ever trigger-happy corporate media. On April 12th, in an interview on Fox, President Trump confirmed an armada was headed for the war-zone (we’re still technically at war with North Korea), a claim repeated later that day by administration spokesman, Sean Spicer. Then, on April 17th it was revealed that the Good Ship Lollygag was actually meandering around the Indian Ocean on its way to maneuvers with the Australian navy. [Read more at]

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Par Dimitris Konstantakopoulos (*)

Je dois d’ abord exprimer mon admiration profonde et sincere pour l’ instinct politique des terroristes islamistes. Ils semblent disposer un sens du timing politique formidable.

Depuis vingts jours, aucun observateur sérieux et informé (malheureusement il n’y en a pas beaucoup de nos jours), ne peux plus avoir de doutes quant au fait que nous sommes installés, bel et bien, dans une course mondiale accélérée vers la Guerre. [Read more / Lire la suite]