USA escalate war preparations in Europe

New measures are taken by United States and NATO to deploy the highly destabilising “European” antiballistic defence system in Europe.

During the cold war the United States have insisted that antiballistic arms must be banned. The reason was that if one has a possibility to defend himself from nuclear arms, then he can feel safe to launch a surprise first strike, without fear of a devastating nuclear counter-attack.

Americans had to push hard in negotiations with rather hesitant Soviets to impose this principle as the cornerstone of the arms-control regime. It was called MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). The principle was enshrined in the ABM Treaty.

After the cold war was ended (?), the US felt safe to pursuit the dream (or nightmare?) of absolute military supremacy and they abolished the ABM Treaty. Now they are putting antiballistic weapon systems in Europe, from Greenland to Romania, invoking the need to defend against … Iranian missiles!

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