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Bernie Sanders ends presidential campaign: ‘There is no alternative’

Decision sets stage for November showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

By Andrew Buncombe
April 8, 2020

Bernie Sanders is ending his bid to be president, a move that will devastate millions of his supporters and set the stage for a November showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The 78-year Vermont senator, who took once fringe policies such as universal healthcare to the heart of the nation’s political conversation, told staff on Wednesday that he saw no way forward.

His decision – widely anticipated after the 77-year-old Mr Biden seized the momentum in the race to become the Democratic nominee – came a day after the Wisconsin primary, his last real chance to kick-start his flailing campaign, was overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis.

“I wanted to just let everyone know that in a half hour I will be publicly announcing the suspension of our campaign. Needless to say this is a very difficult and painful decision for me,” he reportedly told staff.

“There is no alternative.”

Later, in an address that was live-streamed from his home in Burlington, Vermont, Mr Sanders said he understood many of his supporters would have wanted him to remain in the race to the bitter end.